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Replication of Results

It is an article of faith in the scientific community,

That no experiment, experience, or realization is of consequence,

Unless a repeat or replication of the process can be had by others.

Inherent in this scientifically established dogma is a blind faith

In the seperation of observer from experimental results.


Imagine therefore the surprise of an incredulous researcher,

Whose results inexplicably change from ho-hum to astounding --

All in the wink of an experimental eye,

And occassioned “only” by the mere influence of his thoughts.


Contrary to mainstream science and its security blanket,

This researcher senses agape and thereby influences results.

The implications are staggering --

Even if the results are untrue or misunderstood.


For it suggests a decided lack of the need

For circuitry, batteries, external sources, or prime movers.

Just the forming of thoughts, perhaps,

In geometrically advantageous configurations,

Which then accomplish the amazing actions.

Formations or shapes which just happen to mimic love,

Or joy, or even a bewildered, random-walk, heart-felt emotion.


Fear having been left far, far behind,

Love and Joy and a profound Peace do their hat trick,

And an insurmountable knowing springs into full consciousness,

A custom-designed universe --

Strangely similar to a Birkstadt landscape --

Slips unobstrusively into being.


Is there no end of what might transpire from this,

This heresy of total freedom and constraintless creativity?

Actually, no.  There are no limits.




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