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Waning Passion or Inner Direction?

Drifting random Thoughts or Loneliness?

Where are the Songs of Yesterday,

The dramas, the flirtations, the Quests for Love?


So many Experiences, so intense the Diversions.

Is the Journey now near an end?  Or just a Pit stop?

Is it the Exposition, the time for Reflection,

Or a Plateau from which to Launch anew?


A blanket of Snow wipes the Slate Clean.

The writings and Musings come full Circle.

The slightest hint, flitting about the Heart,

Yields a Grin, a knowing Smile.


There’s a door opening.  Slowly, Quietly.

The hint of a Breeze carrying the aroma of Rose.

Light-hearted rhythms freshen the Aire,

As opens a Passage into the First Light of Dawn,


Dare we ask what Mystery reveals itself?

For unless that which you seek is not found Within,

It must assuredly will not be found Without.

Take, instead, the Creative Responsibility.


Manifest Love, Joy, Mystery, and Laughter

Invite them to bound into open View,

Like a Tigger making his First Entrance.

Take it all in, with a Deep, sigh-like Breath.


Observe the Manifestations of Synchronicity,

The Delights accorded to Dreamers,

Who see their Dreams come to Life,

And Glory in the Mystery of Timelessness.


A Candle approaches the end of its Existence.

A Flickering Flame reflected in a Pool of Wax,

Statuesque, cylindrical walls Surround it,

As if Harboring it within Strong, caring Arms.


A Quivering, a Sense of the Time of Transition.

Abruptly the Pool Thins, and the Light goes out.


Imagine a great, gossamer Veil,

So seemingly sheer as to deny its Existence,

Nevertheless astoundingly Opaque in its way.

For what lies Beyond remains total Mystery.


Before the Veil, a Flame of Life Burns.

At first Brightly, but then Hidden within Walls,

As if Harboring it within Strong, caring Arms.

All the Stuff of Life feeding from its Pool of Wax.


Until the Flame touches the Flammable Veil.

Abruptly, the Veil thins, and the Light...


Two Candles become but Hollow Cores,

With Perfect Timing, In Perfect Harmony.


Is it truly Dark, or is the Mystery so Subtle,

So Gentle in its Continuing Manifestation,

That it Refuses to Blind or Overwhelm,

Allowing only the hint of its Existence?


Strange Shapes float in the Ether,

Their Presence increasingly Apparent.

Coalescing, allowing a Destiny to be Revealed.

And What a Surprise!


But why else would I have waited so Long?

And now...

Curtain time is the next New Moon!



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