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What Is My Name?

To know the name of something is to know its power.

To speak it aloud, is to create in its stead.

But what is my true name, my power?

Is it a collection of letters, numbers, or sounds?

Were we ever properly introduced?

Do we need an intermediary or a letter of introduction?


Three candles, lighting the path of a meandering mind:

Cherry red, with strange markings on its interior,

A dark lonely purple glistening eerily,

And a rainbow partial to blues and greens...

Do they know of whom I write,

Of whose sounds of nomenclature have any meaning?


Can I create my reality by knowing my name?

And with a name change, manifest something more than illusion?

A choice of varying acoustic vibrations may alter,

May overlay an old dharma with new software,

May provide inspiration and encouragement,

May indeed rewrite a new and present future.


Gather data, compare notes, tweak the variables,

Analyze by feeling, and the presence of bliss;

Let enthusiasm be one’s faithful guide and companion.

And then choose a compatible name/dream,

A name to create a chosen reality, a chosen destiny,

And then live that life unreservedly!


P.S. Be sure to include love, music, and laughter -

The companions of joy, and the reason for being.



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