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So Long

How long has it been?

Years measured in decades?

Or lifetimes... done that,

Fellow wayfarers... been there,

Past lives encountered / completed?

And of these... how many memorable?

Knowing it’s time to go

Is both stunning and awesome.

Not knowing what next, might perplex,

But does not diminish the awe.

Saying good-bye, not saying good-bye,

It’s all a matter of choice,

All part of the same equation;

I.e. Let go. 

Diplomatically or clumsily... Let go.

Slip off the chains of entanglement,

Let them fall quietly to the floor.

Convert a few, perhaps, to enduring links.

Others, allow to languish in their stillborn state.

Let the now and future be the determinant.

But say to all, without exception,

In the words of that  successful playwright:

“Thanks for the use of the hall.”

Or as Douglas Adams’ dolphins might put it:

“So Long, and thanks for all the fish.”



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