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Paraphrasing (with added comments) from Barbara Marciniak’s Bringers of The Dawn: 

The ultimate tyranny in any society is not control by Martial Law or similar means.  It is control by censorship of information and the psychological manipulation of consciousness through which reality is defined.  The result is that those who exist within this paradigm do not even realize that they are in prison.  They have no hint there is something outside of where they exist, outside The Matrix, outside of what they have been taught exists.  It is where they might sometimes venture and where they might want to dwell; importantly it is outside of where society has been told its members can live.  

Marciniak believes the system in the United States has been corrupted.  It doesn’t work, it doesn’t honor life, and it doesn’t honor Earth. That’s the bottom line.  There has to be a change in the collective Consciousness.  Call it Divine Plan, call it chaos, call it opportunity.  But it’s inevitable.  The emphasis on the material world and the lack of understanding of the non-physical world cannot continue.  It’s time for new priorities, a time for people to awaken to the incredible potential they each possess.  

Another subtle means of control is the violence in major cities, the violence on people in foreign countries (sanctioned by all of us), and the violence against us.  It is assumed that if violence in the cities (including, e.g. 9-11-2001), can be kept brewing, if there is always fear just around the corner, then all of these acts are means of manipulating the nation.  

Everyone’s ultimate resource is their ability to use their will to master their mind.  This ability is precisely what the people in charge of the planet would rather you not know.  As individuals choose Sovereignty and create their own reality, those who try to impose their reality on everyone else will find only chaos, confusion, and a destructive polarity.  In any era when a society is on the verge of huge Paradigm Shifts, there’ll be diametrically opposed activities desperately trying to prevent the shift and preserve the status quo.  

What can any one person do?  Be an example.  Maintain your joy, love, and delight.  Let the glory of your own being be the light, the Pharos that others are drawn to.  Let others know that It’s in Every One of Us.  You are the expert for this purpose.  Carry a business card which reads something like:  “Renegade Member of Family of Light. Systems and Old Paradigm Busting.  Available for altering systems of consciousness within the free-will universe.  On call.”  You’re not alone in this.  There are millions of like minded individuals operating multi-dimensionally within the system, teaching others.  Think of your humanity as a disguise of your true light being nature.  Just as angels are, by definition, extraterrestrials, you can think of yourself as a such, and thereby extricate yourself from the human drama, the human dilemma of control.  

There’s nothing to fear.  Not even “hard work”.  The so-called “Work-Ethic” which said that only hard work produces anything of value, that Success is the prime goal, has been promulgated by those who do not work hard, but who want others to work hard for them.  It’s just that the idea has been around for so long that it’s too easily accepted.  As an entity named Abraham has said, “It’s not possible for you to earn anything.  Earning is a physical misunderstanding.  It’s all vibrational.”  It’s what you attract by the “vibes” you nurture.  It about learning how to do things effortlessly.  About following your bliss.  

If you can’t do effortlessly, if it’s not fun... Forget it.  If it looks enormously challenging, there’s almost certainly a better way -- or it’s just not worth doing in the first place.  Only when things come easily and effortlessly -- when all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place without strain -- will you know you’re doing what needs to be done, and how to do it.  

When more and more people begin to live like this, it changes everything.  It’s about how the species of consciousness approaches life.  It’s not a cop-out or irresponsible.  It’s just a new way.  One that is far more responsible, because it honors the universe.  It’s the joy of being the Fool in The Fool’s Journey.  You may or may not understand all the details of what makes a prison of life on this planet for the vast majority of souls, but if in either case, you wander through life, letting your bliss choose every turn and pit stop, if you can simply allow your inner being to attract all the things you need for your choices, then “you’ll be a man, my son.”  Or a woman.  Or a child.  Or an advanced being from the Planet Placebo.  Or, in a Star Trek venue, “Q”, a member of the “Continuum”.  

Of course, you will discover that working in Collectives, or groups will provide for ever greater quantum leaps in your spiritual quest.  Exploring the balance and harmony of working together, joining in common causes (and effects), consciously directing energy in pursuit of your goals can be enormously beneficial.  Individually tweaking the status quo is no longer effective.  You must learn and teach simultaneously.  Get it together!  

Never forget that the dichotomy between what the establishment tells you is real and what you are feeling inside is growing.  The separation is intensifying.  The perceptual shift, ungraspable to any current view of reality, is creating an unknown revolution in the world.  (Which is a very new version of Revolution!).  It has no name, no head honcho, no dues, no cards to carry, and most definitely, not boring meetings to decide its structure. Because of this, it is a revolution that cannot be opposed.  

Things have not always seemed easy.  There’s been more than one fire with which to contend, each unique journey undoubtedly intense. (Or in a cabin!)  You may feel as if you’ve been on the griddle far too long, flipped over a time too many, and fried to a crisp.  Or as Bilbo Baggins said in The Lord of the Rings, “I feel thin -- sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.  ...I need a holiday -- a very long holiday.”  And yet, there are very good reason for the things each of us have experienced.  They are, in fact, our own creations.  They have made us who we are, and there are often values in the sum total of our experiences that are without limit.  

We take responsibility for whatever we’ve created, including what’s going on right now!  If we need to make a change, we do it.  We do an abrupt pivot and immediately begin the process.  If we’re content, perhaps even fat and happy, then we acknowledge (without the hint of arrogance) our success in being able to thrive in a paradigm of extremely limiting root assumptions.  Whenever comfort and harmony exists in our environment, we open up to the greater presence, the core truth of our existence as multi dimensional beings, the very aspect of humanity with which we’re striving to reconnect.  

Everything exists in the universe as a unique Collective of Frequencies.  Everything has its signature.  External vibrations may be imperceptible by our senses, at least consciously, but the movements inherent in such Vibrations, such Illusions are detected by a body.  Having overlearned to focus on vision (and/or sound), we have deceived ourselves.  It is a deception which is very deep, almost beyond comprehension.  But it cannot be ignored.  

The path of Sovereignty, independence, spiritual growth, and collective example activates a greater conscious awareness of the external vibrations.  This can create internal chaos, as if the world no long makes sense.  Curiously, the world makes a great deal of sense, because the internal chaos actually serves to guide us into the paths less traveled, provides a direction finder for our next experiment, and ultimately to force us to acknowledge the abyss of deception to which we have all collectively agreed.  

The discovery or realization of deceit allows us to open ourselves to the opportunity for change.  How you handle the deceit, personally, as perhaps both the deceivee and deceiver will be crucial.  Each of us are adept at Creating Reality, as we extend the fundamental lesson of: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set ye free”, to “But when you first learn the truth, you’re really going to be angry, horrified, stunned, bewildered, outraged, or whatever...”.  And then to...  What?  [How about, Get Ye Over It?]  

An optimist has been defined as someone who believes that this is the best of all possible worlds.  A pessimist is someone who believes that this is true.  The difference is in the perception.  Therefore...  It’s your choice.  As always.  

P. S. Thanks, Barbara!  


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