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On the Other Hand

The good news is that readily available Water is an excellent source of health, Essiac is likely a cure for many cancers, Pot Shrinks Tumors, and California has underlined The Good News by establishing a state law allowing consumers the freedom to choose their health care practitioners, and thereby not be limited to choosing their poisons from among the drugs and wares of the pharmaceuticals and allopathic medical monopoly.  

The bad news is that there are a host of health hazards still running amuck, which are not only allowed and encouraged by Drug Enforcers (aka governments), but which are not even acknowledged or identified as problems.  These include, for example, Aspartame, Cow’s Milk, Caffeine, and EMF Hazards -- just for starters.  This does not even include the Mental Health aspects -- such as the link between Stress and Longevity -- or the Computer Game Problems, Suicide and Homicide Rates, and the mis-treatment (in some cases) of such problems as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.).  

Accordingly, it is time for a quick visit to some of the problems (both physical and mental) and then a return to Laughter, before continuing on into other intriguing thoughts.


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