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Thanks for the Use of the Hall

An almost mythic phrase from the legitimate theater -- the venue for enacting tragedies and comedies on the stage -- is the parting words from a playwright who has just seen his or her play, creation, or story enjoy a “run” in a “hall” before some audience:

“Thanks for the Use of the Hall”

Had it been William Shakespeare, he might have said it to the proprietors of the Globe Theater.  For someone like Neil Simon, to perhaps several thousand halls, theaters, and auditoriums throughout the land.

A slight stretch of the imagination leads me, the co-creator of this website -- and the sole individual responsible for its contents -- to think of Cyberspace, the Inter Net, and all the computer consoles with access to either -- as the “hall” for this creation. 

As such, I am obliged to say, with great feeling and the most profound gratitude, “Thanks for the use of the hall.”





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