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Romantic Love

And there abideth these four:

Faith, Trust, Intention, and Surrender.

It is faith that reminds me always

To be ready when love wanders in.

It is trust that our strange meeting

Is manifested to our mutual benefit.

Intentions assure our commitment,

But it is surrender which tests us.


How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways

That Ive changed because of you.

The depth of my feelings,

Can be judged in part by what I give

Or forfeit in order to remain with you.


But it can never be a planned test,

One gauged to give comfort and aid,

To one who worries and pines,

Who wants reassurance and reiterations.

It will be the Fates who do the testing,

And none other!


A great poet once said,

Let there be spaces in your relationships.

I would add to these wisest of words:

Let their be faith when Im alone with others,

Let their be trust that our dream continues,

Let their be mutual intentions for growth,

And let us surrender to the joy of our destinies.



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