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A Vision of Beauty

I had not expected to see anyone that dark, lonely evening.

But then, without any fanfare, or moment to reconsider,

Suddenly, abruptly, standing before me was...


Oh, I know, “Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder”.

But such beauty?  Such magnificence?  Such wonder?

I think not.  For before me -- in my eyes -- was a vision that...


I remember my thoughts going rampant as I simply stared.

How silly I must have looked, Standing mesmerized before...

How foolish I must have appeared to anyone else.


But then, my thinking mind did begin to reassert itself,

To re-evaluate and question this apparent fantasy before me.

And so I looked deeper, peered a bit closer to this... vision.


Astoundingly -- and with time to reflect -- I saw so much more.

Intelligence!  Even an ability to carry on a conversation!

Wow!  What a concept!  (What an original idea, no!)  But also:

Wit, humor, a turn of phrase both delightful and profound.

And presence? Oh yes, a presence!  Confident and...  amazing!

A sense of confidence and a simple knowing of one’s being.


I could go on and on, detailing ad infinitum the delights of this creature,

this wonderment, this blessing to my planet.

But words would always fail to capture the true essence.


I can only recall that night, and recall with fondness and

gratitude that which had let me see this... vision of beauty.

And I say now -- with all my heart -- thank God for mirrors!



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