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ORME Notes

These ORME Notes are additional considerations concerning the ORME phenomenon initiated by David Radius Hudson, and validated in part by ORME Physics and ORME Biology.  The purpose here is to provide for a degree of completeness.  

Science Notes  

Quantum oscillations resonating in two dimensions implies a 44% weight loss, according to Puthoff's 4/9ths loss [“Gravity as a zero-point-fluctuation force,” Physical Review A, Vol 39, No. 5, pages 2333-2342].  The material is bending space-time.  Monoatomic iridium, for example, has no gravitational attraction.  This is reminiscent of the middle ages when French girls were doing Levitation, and the priests were forced to come and attempt to debunk the phenomenon. The Zero Point is between the blackbody and the infrared radiation intersection.  Planck's constant is the space between them.           

Pons and Fleishman observed “white crude” in their original experiment, which was in fact Rhodium and Iridium.  Thus they observed, not cold fusion, but transmutation of the elements (aka Alchemy), and which could have also involved Superconductivity.           

Superconductivity has its vibrational frequency.  Tune the electrons to this frequency, and then they flow in pairs.  There is a resonant vibrational frequency -- with a possible need to keep re-tuning.  Meissner Fields do not allow any external magnetic fields, no voltage potentials.  The Meissner Field derives from all the other fields, sucking energy from them.  Superconductivity is liquid light flowing at speed of sound.  The Meissner Field is a non-polar magnetic field, dependent upon the amperage in the superconductor.  It is a perfect radiation shield.  Spontaneous Combustion may be a Flux Collapse.           

The aura is our radiating energy, the colors are its interaction with the air.  Furthermore, Holographic theory implies that all information is in each atom, every cell in the body has all DNA information.  This would imply that the aura could be very informative!  

Cooper pairs implies two electrons close enough to experience the Casimir Effect.  

Nucleodynamics may be the more advantageous term than electrodynamics.


Time/Life Book --  The Alchemists.     The Alchemists searched for the white powder of gold, The Philosopher’s Stone.  The White Drops (the tears of Horus) were the Elixir of Life (capable of repairing the body defects).  The two provided for long life (800-1000 years), enlightenment and ascension.  The Alchemists always said:  “Divide, divide, divide, divide...” gold.  The White Powder of Gold was the essence of life, the Righteous King, (the white powder was the means to become).   

The Qumrum Essenes had their own foundry.  The Virgin Mary was fed by a White Dove, so that Jesus was born as a son of god, a Melchizedek priest.  The 3 inner disciples shared the water (not wine) and the bread!  Part of Jesus Christ and the Transfiguration.  Jesus will return “When you've prepared the proper food.”  In Revelations, Heaven’s streets are “Pure as gold, like transparent glass.”  The Essenes may have been killed at Masada.  

Mormans are allegedly the Melchizedek priesthood. Melchizedek priests rule because they know all things.  According to Brigham Young’s prophecies, and Joseph Smith: “Disband the Morman Church when the true Latter Day Saints arrive.”  

The rocketship shape is called a Ben, as in Ben-bird, the Phoenix.  [Zecharia Sitchin]  Is this why obelisks are considered to be so sacred -- as a symbol of rocket ships?  

Pharaohs went East to ascend (Sinai or Bahrain, the latter as in the Gilgamesh Epic), not to the west (i.e. the setting sun).  Saudi Arabia means the land where the sun sets.  Enoch ascended by taking the White Drops.  

There is an exact duplicate of the Temple of Solomon at Elephantine Island in Egypt.  A latter day Menelik of Ethiopia invited the Knights Templar to use the Manna to make gold.  Egypt’s Old Kingdom ended with a pharaoh dying in a whirlpool of water.           

The Amalekites slaughtered everyone in Egypt , and became the ancestors, the Arabs of the Middle and New Kingdom of Egypt.  Eyelashes were called bushes.  (i.e. the burning bush, when Moses was speltering the gold -- and receiving gamma radiation -- and where he turned the golden calf to ash).  The gold distillate is the White Dew, the White Dove, the White Feather, the White Drops, Manna, “What is it?”  A fast is critical in taking the ORME.  Bodily emissions include spittle, seamen, tear.  Covenant means “to eat with”.             

HU (from Human) is the zero point vibration.  Human means: “Man who hears sound”.  

A female goddess taught man, the Chosen, how to make the occult gold. The goddess' milk is Iridium and water. (Not Rhodium.)


                                                                                                                    mg Rh            mg Ir

            Concord Grape Juice Frozen Concentrate (4 oz)                       127                  48

            Carrot Juice (4 oz)                                                                          100                  50

                         [depends on nearest volcano to where grown -- some carrots have no Rh or Ir]

            Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit Syrup (1 Tbl)                                            6                     9

            Aloe Vera -- “R-Pure Aloe” liquid (1 oz)                                         60                   10

            Essiac (sheep sorel, burdock root, slippery elm, rhubarb)             6                     6

            Vitalitea (Essiac with watercrest) ( again 2 oz)                             15                   53

            Ace Manon (Barley) -- External cotton ball, 10 mg                          9                     0

            Manapol -- Emprise Intl (2 capsules)                                              23                 220

                        [up to 20 capsules per day for cancer, 2-3 weeks]            17                143

            St. John’s Wart (1 gm)                                                                        7                     6

            Manchurian Mushroom Tea (Green or Black) (4 oz)               Same as Vitalitea...


Calcium precipitates the Iridium out of the body!!!

Don't use Aluminum containers for Essiac. Only stainless steel or glass, including strainers.

Inside of Aloe plant (where there is no taste) is the best.

Water soluble precious elements can cure cancer.

We need the somatids and the monoatomic elements for life!

Avoid:  Nitric Oxide (NO), Sulfides (SO3), Carbon and Carbon Monoxide, carbonated drinks, ultraviolet light, sunlight -- keep away from direct sun!  Ozone (2O3 = 3O2) is good for you!  

It is the Rhodium that is the medical cure, while Iridium is the “Food of the Gods”.  

Iridium can hold 46 water molecules.  

25 cents per milligram to currently produce the Rhodium and Iridium.  86% of the produced materials in the United States are dependent in their manufacturing process upon the catalytic action of the platinum group metals.  ORME has 22 patents pending (as of 1988); none of which may be issued.


            Nine days -- water only.

            On ninth day, a high calonic

            On tenth day, begin 500 mg/day (and a lot of water)

            Do so for thirty more days.  (This is when one begins to hear the sound.)


            3 -- Black

            4 -- White (the teaching and education from the Ascended Masters)

            2 -- Red  (Begin seeing all at month 7, orgasms at 7 1/2 months)

After nine months, you become a light being, sleeping 1 to 2 hours per day.


            Ginzburg -- Analytical Chemistry of Platinum Group Elements  

            Levi -- The Doctrine of Transcendental Magic (page 11)  

            Budge -- Book of the Dead, the Papyrus of Ani (plate VIII)  “What is it?”

                        Dying and being perfected.  the Hebrew “Manna”.  

            Liebnitz (German) -- Sacred Science  

            Emilbock -- Genesis: Creation and Patriarchs  

            Keys of Enoch (Key 314, verses 49-62, 59-65)  page 496 (Superconductors)  

            Richard Wilhelm -- Secrets of the Golden Flower (a translation of a 5th century

                        Chinese text)   With Introduction by Carl Jung.  KUNDALINI!

            C. L. Kervran -- Biological Transmutations  


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