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Meissner Field

New -- 21 April 2007

The Meissner Field is a magnetic field which, among other things, does not have the traditional north or south polarity. This is the reason many physicists strongly prefer to call it the Meissner Effect -- thus avoiding the issue of having a directionally challenged magnetic field. At the same time, however, the effect can not be dismissed inasmuch as Edmunds Scientific now sells kits with which to demonstrate the Meissner effect. (The general sense is that when capitalism agrees on the reality of a physical phenomena, physicists quickly accept the inevitable.)

The Meissner Field (or Effect) is produced when a superconductor has an external magnetic field applied to it -- with the strength of the Meissner field/effect being dependent upon the initially applied external magnetic field. Once the Meissner effect has been initiated, it acts as a magnetic barrier and resists any further entry of an applied magnetic field into the superconductor. The effect is dramatic. Once established the Meissner field forces all other magnetic fields to effectively go around the superconductor, leaving the superconducting sample unaffected in terms of its superconductive characteristics.

If the external magnetic field is that of the earth, the Meissner effect causes the sample in question to, at least in some cases, levitate. While, levitation is typically viewed as a magical trick or deception, it is clear that with the Meissner effect it is a routine physical phenomena. The only requirement is the presence of superconductivity. But inasmuch as superconductivity is viewed by mainstream physics as a very low temperature phenomena, then it is clear -- based on the flawed assumption of what is currently known in physics prohibiting other processes -- that there can be no levitation at room temperature.

But alas, if superconductivity can be achieved at higher temperatures, and furthermore involve a human being who has become superconducting, then lo and behold, we have a human being levitating upon the earth's magnetic field! Suddenly all the talk from eastern religions about levitation just might have some viability. Mainstream physics does not acknowledge this possibility, of course, but then again mainstream science once thought that leaches were a really nifty medical technique.

In order to achieve superconductivity at these higher temperatures, the key appears to be the use of transition group elements, or more notably one or more of the eight precious metals, the latter which include gold and silver. This in turn relates the Meissner Field to the White Powder of Gold and the ORME -- or the latter which is now more often referred to as the ORMUS (see, for example, Laurence Gardner's explanation).

An excellent treatment on the properties of the Transition Group Elements is provided by hbci, and is recommended for the serious student.

It is important to note that if a human being was able to achieve the superconducting state, levitation might very well be a slam dunk. However, while other magnetic fields may be repulsed, physical objects inserted into the field might nevertheless cause a sudden loss of superconductivity -- which ostensibly would not be a good thing. The human being enjoying the Meissner effect might not want to give everyone a big hug! One might even speculate that this was the reason that Jesus Christ, upon his apparent rising from the dead, told Mary Magdalene not to touch him inasmuch as he had not yet ascended to his father. (John 20:17)

BTW, for those a bit more into the less speculative aspects of the Meissner effect, try the text at Wikipedia.


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