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Creating Reality -- Another View 

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan has written a complementary view of creating reality -- specifically, to Focus on What You Want!  Not What You Don’t Want...  

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In an average day there are 86,400 seconds. Out of that 86,400 seconds we have approximately 65,000 waking thoughts.  Out of those 65,000 thoughts how many are positive, uplifting, wonder filled thoughts?  How many are negative thoughts that are ruled by your past, your environment, and the mass consciousness?  Most people have an average of 15,000 seconds of positive uplifting joyful thoughts a day. That leaves 50,000 seconds of dense, negative down in the mouth energies.  Now imagine those 50,000 negative (or rather not exactly positive) thoughts as people tromping through your living  room.  Day after day you allow 50,000 negative people to just walk through your sacred space.  Apply that same thought to 50,000 negative vibrations/thoughts leaving dirty little puppy prints all over your auric field, your hopes and your dreams!!  Are you ready to yell “STOP” yet?  

You are Commander-in-Chief of your world your thoughts your creations.  You say stop, you say go!  Your life is not a runaway train, and you are not Momma being thrown from it!  You and only you have control over your life, your feelings, your wants and your desires.  Do you want to continue to rent property in “victim-hood” or move to a shiny new neighborhood?  

Your past (in what ever form it takes) lives in the past.  It cannot reside in the Now (present) unless you ask it to become a roommate and move in with you. The past sits patiently as old blue the hound dog waiting for you to call it forward into the Now.  You do that by thought.  Only thought can escort your incarcerated past into the holding cell of the Now.  Look at the energy you are having tea and crumpets with on a daily basis.  

Every moment of every day you have the option to create anew.  The old recipes of self from the past no longer serve you unless that is what you want for dinner.  Thoughts are living breathing energies.  They have a life of their own and an electromagnetic charge.  At first birth they are singular in nature, yet very magnetic.  They seek like vibrations as they travel encircling you throughput the day.  Imagine them as a single Dalmatian puppy in first morning light, but at the end of the day you feel like Cruella De’ville surrounded by 101 Dalmatians.  Each one displaying an energetic encyclopedia from A to Z of all of your thoughts in the last 24 hours, good, bad and ugly.  

Everyone complains that it takes too long to manifest.  The time between manifestation and thought has shortened greatly since the beginning of 2000, but still there exists a time line, which is very necessary.  Imagine everyone on the planet capable of instant (just add water) manifestation.  What would the world look like if that were a truth?  As much as humanity likes to grossly over express themselves through animated 4 letter words, the planet would look a lot like a cow patty palace to put it mildly.  The earth is only a hair away from instant manifestation.  As CEO of your time/space continuum it is your responsibility to focus/create/know/ what you want, and what you don't want and then let your words and your world reflect that knowledge.  

Most people leave it up to spirit to do the thinking and go about their merry way without any focus on what they as co-creators would like to create.  Everyone on earth is/was an Ascended Master.  That was a prerequisite for Earth School 101.  Everyone on earth has been instantaneously manifesting for eons of time, so why the dumb blond act??  (Forgive me all you beautiful blondes.)  Stop asking the universe to do your homework.  Get busy and study what your soul desires and earth wants are. Then focus, intend, know and  create!  

Manifestation follows thought.  Both are neutral and free of opinion.  Your energy is what fuels all thought and all manifestations.  Focus on what you don’t want and you will get it easily (or even easier) than what you do want.  The Universe/aka Spirit does not feel the need to censor your experience.  You get what you put energy into, focus upon, and think about.  The good, the bad, the ugly all have front row seating.  Which one will you look eye to eye and invite into your world?  Think only upon that which you want! Do not dwell one moment upon that which you do not want!  


A Singular Molecule of Doubt Can Become a Lethal Toxic Weapon!  by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan  

As you stand at this Trans-portal of future self, you entertain a dialogue of what is to come, and what is to be your experience.  Each of you stands guard on the fulcrum of your future. You view your present circumstances, you view your past, and yet you see very little of your future. You feel Future-viewing is for seers and psychics not for little ole mortal you.  You have chosen to wear thick veils and a blindfold that keeps you from fully experiencing potentials that are as of yet un-birthed.  The gestation period for birthing future events is but a few weeks in comparison to the past where it once was as long as an elephants nose and pregnancy.  

In the year 2002, thought and manifestation accelerated to a point in time and space that quickened all outcomes.  As of 2002 it is but a few weeks between thought and created outcome.  As you stand at the apex of your life viewing future events, you have a certain knowing that as you follow path A to B, or path C to D, the outcome is seeable and predictable.  But if you move your awareness off of the 27 letters of the alphabet of your experience onto a new language of light, then the outcomes will exceed your expectations, your uncreated potentials. In other words, you are predictable.  The path you will choose is predictable.  The path that you have taken in the past has been predictable.  Your reactions are predictable.  Your outbursts are predictable, because you follow the same emotional pathway and patterning that you have always followed.   

In this time of numerous celestial alignments, and 5th dimensional potential -- we ask you not to take the same route that you have always taken.  Move past the borders that once held you as a captive audience.  Always keeping you in a very small theater squared away in the pegs of the past.  You are much more than you have been able to understand or appreciate.   

Each and every thought that you have ever had is being lived somewhere in simultaneous time.  Each and every desire, want, need, prayer has been fulfilled and does exist within this dimension or in some parallel existence.  Thoughts and manifestations are not wasted.  They are not thrown away.  They are recycled energetically.  In some parallel existence of the large time/space continuum you are living all of your dreams.  In another one, you are living your perfect body shape.  In another one, you are living your perfect hairstyle or your perfect health.  Each thought either stays in the Now or exits to another plane of existence.  The doorway to that exit is opened and closed by your own thinking.  

When you desire a certain outcome, it begins to germinate within your own energy field.  If you fluctuate from that thought, from that desire with doubt, with fear, with undermining it on any level -- then it exits the earth experience and enters another probable universe where you also exist.  Now think about this dear ones.  You are creating perfect hair days on other dimensions.  You are creating and have the perfect body in probably realities where you have not given up! You were creating the perfect soul mate, the perfect marriage, the perfect relationship by your initial inquiry and dialogue and manifestation - and then you give up on it.  Whatever you lose hope upon or give up on becoming a living truth in your life, exits through a Trans-portal and enters another realm where you also exist simultaneously.  How much longer will you allow that to happen?   

You have the ability and the sequence of DNA to create on this plane, this dimensional flux that you live in -- exactly what you desire by holding it in focus, in certainty, and in knowing.  The minute you give up, it exits your world and enters another where it lives happily ever after.  Don’t you see that one singular molecule of doubt can become a lethal toxic weapon when you are trying to create a desired outcome.  In ancient Egyptian times, the Goddess Nut (pronounced Newt) knew this -- she wrapped her body around all of creation.  She was made of the stars and the stars watched over all of her creations.  Wrap yourself around your creations/manifestations as a mother that protects her young.  Allow no harm to come to these newly born desires, keep them safe until they are old enough to stand on their own legs.  

You are not allowed the luxury of giving up on anything or anyone, especially yourself.  Understand this!  As soon as you give up on anything, it leaves your perimeter.  It leaves your life, and it leaves this dimension and enters another.  Often in your dreamtime, you enter into these places where there is the perfect love, the perfect family, the perfect life.  You are living it simultaneously.  The ‘You’ who continues to dwell upon this earth plane is not receiving any energetic fringe benefits, because you let it go you gave it away, you gave up on it.   

So we ask you to hold the vision of what it is that you seek and it will be made manifest for you in the here and the now.  Time collapses.  Space expands and so do you.  There is no more waiting by the door of your life for one to five years for something to come into it.  It is only a few weeks.  You can believe for a few weeks, can you not?  Hold the focus, the belief long enough for it to get here.  Hold the focus each time that you think of it, renew the faith, renew the knowing, and do not let anybody shake you from that creation and that manifestation.  


www.TheQuantumAwakening.com Volume 39, April 2002

quantum77@earthlink.net  407-568-6799

Created and Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

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