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Sovereignty International <http://www.sovereignty.net/SImission.htm> has a mission statement, which includes its purpose: “to promote the belief that best government is empowered only by the consent of those who are governed.”  “We believe this bedrock principle of government and societal organization is the foundation of individual freedom, private property ownership, free markets and national sovereignty.”  

“It is our belief that the people of all nations are entitled to exercise their inalienable rights through their own governments which they control. “  

“We further believe that governments must first recognize and respect the sovereignty of their own individual citizens before they can respect the sovereignty of other nations. Finally, we believe that a world of nations in which all governments are empowered only by the consent of those who are governed, offers the best hope of advancing the health, happiness, and prosperity of all mankind.”  

Sovereignty International has an intriguing website, including an impressive source of dates and facts, e.g. <http://www.sovereignty.net/timeline.html>, with footnotes, which it calls its “Timeline to Global Governance.”  In this respect,  <http://www.gwb.com.au/gwb/news/multi/goldwatr.html> provides an interesting essay written by former U. S. Senator Barry M. Goldwater.  While the information alludes to Conspiracies, and in specific one involving the “mother of them all”, there is nonetheless ample reason to think about the many facts that are essentially undisputed.

As has been said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set ye free.”  And then once you learn the truth, you will probably be rather angry.  Spiritual Sovereignty, however, would suggest that you need to get over it, and get on with becoming sovereign -- if that’s your choice.  


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