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Inalienable Right

An inalienable right is one of those idealic concepts made notable in the Declaration of Independence.  It is the assumption of Sovereignty by each and every individual who is willing to accept the responsibility for such an exalted office.  I.e., being a human being.



The information contained within the pages of this website is for educational purposes only.  Nothing set forth herein is intended to be legal advice or able to be construed as such.  This discussion is private in entirety and non-negotiable between the parties.  Anyone acting on any of the contents herein does so solely on the basis of her or his own volition and at his or her own risk.  Everyone has the duty and absolute right to think, evaluate, research, learn, and act autonomously.  Inasmuch as Law equates to the “right” to use deadly force (destructive violence), it would appear prudent for anyone to refrain from adopting any course of action without first understanding the basis and reasons thereof and how to defend it if challenged.


 Flemming Funch, <http://www.worldtrans.org/sovereignty.html>, defines Sovereignty as, “the quality or authority of being independent and in charge of the conditions you live under,” and then takes up the special case of “United States State Citizenship”, and specifically on how “one can become a Sovereign Citizen, also known as a State Citizen, a person for whom the majority of the morass of restrictive federal laws do not apply.”   

Funch notes, for example, that the federal government has consistently and fraudulently tricked the people into giving up their Constitutionally guaranteed rights.  A blatant example of this is the so-called Social Contract to which American citizens have unknowingly agreed.  

One of his more obvious examples is Funch’s radical contention that the vast majority of Americans do not have to pay income tax, that filing and paying income tax is a voluntary action, but that if you once volunteer by signing a tax return -- and thereby promise to pay -- then you do owe a tax.  He goes on to note that in addition, “Section 26 of the U.S. Code, which is the tax regulations, is not positive law. Meaning, it isn’t really a law, but it used as such.”  Strictly speaking the Infernal Revenue Service code only applies to employees of the government and residents of Washington D.C.  Furthermore, the 16th Amendment which allegedly introduced the income tax was never properly ratified.  Finally, all income tax paid goes directly to The Federal Reserve as a payment for the national debt to the private corporations represented by the Fed.  

Funch adds that, “One can void one’s agreement to be a subject of the federal U.S. and instead reclaim one’s sovereign rights as a citizen of the state one lives in.  That puts one outside the jurisdiction of most aspects of the federal system.  There are many practical considerations and potential problems connected with doing such a thing, and it is very inadvisable to do casually or without full examination of the issues.  However, it is indeed an option one can pursue if one is willing to do the required legal study to figure out the clever intricacies of the situation.”  [Trust me; you have really got to want it!]  

On a much more esoteric level, there is Spiritual Sovereignty.  This may sound to be a bit on the side of metaphysical fluff, but in reality it is much more than that.  It includes a few examples of how the “system” has defrauded and misled people, but then it turns around and assumes that anyone who is truly into Sovereignty must also be practicing the art of total self-responsibility.  In other words, you allowed yourself to be defrauded!  It ain’t nobody’s fault you been led down the garden path, smelling the roses all the way!

Aye, there’s the rub.  Being totally responsible for one’s self -- being responsible, for example, for the disease you’ve contacted, or the accident where you and/or your car was damaged (even when “the other guy hit you!”)...  That’s a tough road to hoe.  Taking on the responsibility for all of the stuff that the government has forced down your throat... taking on the responsibility for not knowing, never being told, never figuring out the con... taking responsibility for bad health...  

It’s about being sovereign!  It’s about avoiding Scapegoatology; even the relinquishment of Woundology.  It’s about taking responsibility for everything that has happened to you.   

And more importantly, it’s taking responsibility for letting go of the past -- including any anger against anyone else (or against yourself) for having let it happen -- and then “pivoting”.   It’s turning on a dime, and heading off into another direction.  It’s Creating Reality in the style and fashion to which you would like to become accustomed.  It’s becoming sovereign, in full accord with your inalienable right to practice your choice of Determinism and Free Will in their most glorious manifestations.  

The past is irrelevant -- except as a means to inform you of what you might want to avoid the next time around.  If you gave up your rights -- for convenience, unknowingly, or even under duress -- then you’ve learned something.  The trick now is to continue along the path of The Fool’s Journey, and make every experience an integral part of who you are.  


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