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Hyperdimensional Poetry

James Clerk Maxwell, in honor of another great mathematician of his time, wrote, in a poem loaded with references to Hyperdimensional Physics and beyond:  


            “Oh WRETCHED race of men, to space confined!

            What honour can ye pay to him, whose mind

            To that which lies beyond hath penetrated?


            The symbols he hath formed shall sound his praise,

            And lead him on through unimagined ways

            To conquests new, in worlds not yet created.


            First, ye Determinants! In ordered row

            And massive column ranged, before him go,

            To form a phalanx for his safe protection.


            Ye powers of the nth roots of - 1!

            Around his head in ceaseless cycles run,

            As unembodied spirits of direction.


            And you, ye undevelopable scrolls!

            Above the host wave your emblazoned rolls,

            Ruled for the record of his bright inventions.


            Ye cubic surfaces! By threes and nines

            Draw round his camp your seven-and-twenty lines-

            The seal of Solomon in three dimensions.


            March on, symbolic host! With step sublime,

            Up to the flaming bounds of Space and Time!

            There pause, until by Dickenson depicted,


            In two dimensions, we the form may trace

            Of him whose soul, too large for vulgar space,

            In n dimensions flourished unrestricted.”


                                                               -- James Clerk Maxwell

                                       To the Committee of the Cayley Portrait Fund -- 1887


Note that the “seven-and-twenty lines”, is a reference to one of his scientific mentors, Arthur Cayley’s hyperdimensional geometry (the “27 lines on the general cubic surface” problem).  This is nothing less than the geometrical and mathematical underpinnings of the infamous “circumscribed tetrahedral latitude” of 19.5 degrees, the hyperdimensional quaternion geometry whose physical effects have been rediscovered all across the solar system and beyond!   

If one places two, interlocked tetrahedrons within a sphere, the Merkaba of Drunvalo Melchizedek (see Vesica Pisces and/or Platonic Solids), one plane view of these two tetrahedrons can be the Star of David, and thus the two-dimensional equivalent of “the seal of Solomon in three dimensions”!  

Confirmation that Maxwell’s hyper-dimensional inquiries extended far beyond mere physical interactions -- and possibly a precursor to Superstrings Theory -- can be seen from another of his so-called unknown poems:  


               “My soul is an entangled knot,

               Upon a liquid vortex wrought

               By Intellect in the Unseen residing.

               And thine doth like a convict sit,


               With marlinspike untwisting it,

               Only to find its knottiness abiding;

               Since all the tool for its untying

               In four-dimensional space are lying.”


In another work (“The Aether,” 1876), Maxwell underscored the “ultimate” significance of these inquiries:  

“Whether this vast homogeneous expanse of isotropic matter [the aether] is fitted not only to be a medium of physical Interaction between distant bodies, and to fulfill other physical functions of which, perhaps we have as yet no conception, but also as the authors of The Unseen Universe seem to suggest, to constitute the material organism of beings exercising functions of life and mind as high or higher than ours are at present, is a question far transcending the limits of physical speculation ...”  

The above is quoted from <http://www.enterprisemission.com/hyper1.html>, and is worthy of considerable thought and discussion. 


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