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The Gang in Blue

New -- 20 July 2011

Basically, the police in the United States all wear blue uniforms, are well armed and trained, and defend each other at the drop of a hat -- regardless of any possible blatant guilt of their fellow police officer.

They are also often engaged in extortion (including fines against traffic violators and such which will be used to pay for the policemen's employment, pensions, and equipment), routine violations or deceptions to avoid nasty constitutional issues like The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America), entrapment (speed traps, etceteras), and of course, unwarranted assumption of authority whereby the give orders without a thought of their legality or judicious use.

In all respects therefore, they do quite well impersonating street gangs who identify themselves with colors, are not above "stretching the law" to accomplish their aims, are well armed, and of course defend one another with the kind of zealous enthusiasm typically seen only in fanatical religious converts.

Sadly... there is not a lot of distinction between the Police and other gangs... except for the fact that the taxpayers support the former directly through taxes, and the latter... pretty much at random.

There are foreign equivalents, of course, although they may not be wearing blue... and also might well be wearing some of the funniest hats you've ever encountered. Only the commonality of said hats in a given society is likely to dissuade the citizens from laughing their heads off... Well... that and the threat that the police is said country just might take offense and literally take one's laughing head off.

More... when I find the original essay on this topic.


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