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New -- 18 May 2008

Ismismismismadinfinitumism is the latest development in religious philosophy. It's basic tenet can be summarized as "My way is the only way," "What I say, goes," and "This is all about me, understand, dirtbag?" It is, in a manner of speaking, individualism given the imprimatur of religious philosophy... and thereby worthy of respect.

It is related to Epicureanism, an already ancient and well established school of philosophy, one with a whole slew of enthusiastic and eager modern adherents. However, the "isms times five and ad infinitum" goes far beyond Epicureanism and argues that its basic credo can be justified by modern mainstream science.

For example, the modern day credo of Ismismismismadinfinitumism is based on the demonstrated evidence that individuals do not and in all likelihood cannot think alike, and thus they don't think alike. It is in fact the nature of human consciousness that the most minute quantum fluctuation within it will inevitably result in measurable macro-differences. Even Astrology recognizes distinctions between so-called identical twins. Or in more technical language: Duh!

Accordingly the very notion of religious faiths that the guy with the biggest gun or the most eloquent or persuasive arguments get to tell others what to think... is passe! It's all for me, and me for... well... me. Siriusly... if I'm a spark of a creator god, then why should my spark be eclipsed by other sparks -- particularly since many have about as much spark as an ancient Bic with a wet flint problem.

From the perspective of numbers of true adherents to this religious philosophy -- i.e., any individual willing or unwilling to admit to believing this faith when it is in fact absolutely true for said individual -- Ismismismismadinfinitumism is now the most popular faith in the world. [As for the also rans, refer to Oh Ye of (One) Little Faith.]

Long live diversity!

Meanwhile, one should perhaps be aware that diversity is not universally desired. And thus any alleged genuine Freedom of Religion is at risk.


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