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 New -- 28 October 2004

The following essay is written by Marcus S. Chapman in response to Halexandria's earlier essay entitled Are the Extraterrestrials Who First Came to Earth Still Here? The alternatives presented by Mr. Chapman's are intriguing to say the least, and have a certain amount of evidence to support them -- at least to the point of humans and the like being dragged down by something! The suggestion of parasitic fourth dimensional beings as the principal cause may sound incredible to the thus-far unitiated, but that is more for a lack of reading the hundreds of books of the subject than from the viewpoint of simply not being credible.

In any case, Mr. Chapman's article is presented here with permission of the author and without major editing.



I am of the opinion that archeologist, ancient language and antiquities expert Zecharia Sitchen has a method of translating and interpreting the oldest known creation myths in the world in a literal manner giving less emphasis to creative license than academically controlled scientists would dare. In a nutshell, the Sitchen version of the Sumerian creation myth states that a race of aliens by the name of the Anunnaki came to earth about 150,000 years ago. The business at hand was primarily to mine rare minerals and elements “gold” from the earth for an atmospheric application on their home planet (ozone depletion?). The Sumerian creation myth goes on to say that the lower caste/class workers became antagonistic and displayed displeasure over the physical workload demanded of them. The Sumerian's then looked to earth's most advanced primate, (homo-erectus or Neanderthal) so that Anunnaki genes could be introduced to make a hybrid species. That species would have been Cro-Magnum man and then homo-sapien us.


My ultra-conservative Pentecostal Christian relatives told me that evolution did not work because of a missing link. At ten years old I was led to believe that Darwin and his contemporary cronies used imagination to bridge the gap between chimpanzees and our selves. Then in sixth grade I saw the classic depiction of bipedal evolution leading from chimpanzee to austroprolithicus to homo-erectus to Cro-magnum man and then to us. There were even actual fossils depicted and scientists like the Leakey's shown proudly holding bones and rock, like proud treasure finders. I was satisfied that every thing was known and concluded, until anthropology 101.

In ASB 101, I learned that the fossil tree had dead ends, and the most famous of these dead ends was the Neanderthal. The more I learned of the Neanderthal, the more in disbelief I felt. Neanderthals predate humans by at least 200,000 years, and further, coexisted with humans for at least 50,000 years. Neanderthals look so much like us; it bothered me greatly to learn that we were not supposed to be descended from them, but homo-erectus. To grasp with all this was difficult, but then I was supposed to go completely against the grain of common sense and make a jump of faith. That's right, Anthropology was asking me to believe something without being able to prove it. And here we have inserted that little devil the missing link, which my relatives had exaggerated about, but, had not created because the missing link actually was a problem in the archeological data.

One common tree branch, Homo-Erectus is the foundation from which Neanderthals and Homo-Sapiens are to have sprouted from independently from one another. Ninety plus percent of scientists are of the opinion that Homo-Sapiens evolved from Homo-Erectus in the same manner that Neanderthals did, but the problem with all this; there is no gradual change from Homo-Erectus into Homo-Sapien, no gradual mutation from Homo-Erectus into Homo-Sapien. Just one day, we have a very monkey looking up right walking handsome chimpanzee and the next day we have basically us, which is Cro-Magnum man. Then we have the successful proliferation of these Cro-Magnum men all over the earth, and in record speed, we outflank our predecessor and co-evolved sister race the Neanderthal, and co-exist with them in France and the Middle-East for at least 50,000 years, and then poof, no more Neanderthal.

Zecharia Sitchen's Sumerian creation myth instantly seemed more plausible, and it at least deserved a little looking into. As of now, there is no missing link and, until one is found, maybe the data is all wrong. The missing link may never be found, because there may have been a sudden jump. The Anunnaki would have used a Neanderthal for the hybrid project in which their own genes were introduced to form Cro-Magnum men, Homo Sapiens.

What of the Sumerian/Judaic/Babylonian tales of the angels sleeping with the daughters of man and creating an offspring of giants? This tale becomes more plausible when we allow the possibility of common genetics between the Anunnaki/Angels and the daughters of man. [See, for example, Genesis 6:1-2]


I have also been of the theory that all life on this planet as we know it, is at a specific disadvantage to a less material more energy oriented multi-dimensional race, that feeds on the energy i.e. wave like layer associated with our living body known as chi, qi or the energy body. These parasitic non-organic beings live in a state of perpetual camouflage, and our fleeting glimpses of them are easily explained away, and our prolonged glimpses are diagnosed as hallucinations, schizophrenia, or gross electrical/chemical manipulation of the physical brain.

My personal Experience

My experience as of right now 10/24/04 is that the majority of non-organic parasites are ghosts, or dead humans. Much is said on the subject of non-carnate human beings, some of the literature has some nice fuzzy warmness to it, my experience is not such. The definition of ghosts, needs clarification to get a good picture.

There seems to be a grade school of sorts when it comes to dimensions and the perception and access of them. Just like the material rules apply, we are stuck in the third dimension and for some strange reason, to go higher we have to go lower. The fourth dimension is the realm of negative parasitic beings. These beings are the demons, devils, succubae and pretas. The fourth dimension is home to those without an energy body, or a very weak one, as such they are forced to pursue those lower than themselves on the evolutionary scale who still have an energy body, and that would be physical life in the third dimension.

I have talked with souls in the fifth dimension and it is always through a tunnel, as if they have to avoid the fourth dimension themselves or risk having their energy zapped by these fourth dimensional parasites. The fourth dimension is the school of hard knocks for the would be developing psychic. The developing psychic has become necessarily more open and vulnerable as he/she leaves behind the false paradigms/walls of the confused third dimension. Just as a child just learning to walk he/she has weak and wobbly knees, so to are the perceptions and energy defenses of the developing psychic. These developing psychics are like beacons shining out to these fourth dimensional parasites that revel in the ease their meals are acquired, like taking candy from a baby.

Since most people are in one state or another of psychic development, except of course, Republicans, most people are vulnerable to these attacks, though they may not know it. Of course, there are good ghosts, or better said, non-organic humans with energy bodies, but, they reside in the fifth dimension and above, and as such, their appearances here are few and short, I've seen them before, I recently saw four of them show up for a wedding. I've never seen them at a funeral, but, I've had one show up to take a ghost I was willingly giving energy to (not usually a good idea) over to the fifth dimension. I had an old friend who recently passed away talk to me from the fifth dimension; she would take no energy from me for the conversation, and admonished me for offering my energy for fear a fourth dimensional entity would show up. I asked this friend on the other side if their were lots of best friends to hang out with on the other side, to which she answered me, “I am my own best friend”, I really like that answer.


Fourth dimensional beings prefer for you to be still while they are feeding on you, as such, if you feel as if your are being preyed upon, move around, go for a jog, take a walk, exercise your body, even driving helps.

It has been my experience that differing third dimensional materials offer certain difficulties in the ease of passage to fourth dimensional beings. The chi associated with our energy bodies that the fourth dimensional parasites are after does not pass unaffected through dense substances. In the walls of structures where fourth dimensional parasites frequent, there can be seen a residue of energy. Because of the lack of ease of passage, parasites tend to use the same portals over and over again, this lessons them their loosing the energy they have just stolen from a third dimensional being. As such the smoke of burning sage tends to clear away such portals, causing said entities difficulty in getting around comfortably and as such, they will tend to pass your abode and go somewhere else, the sage cleansings last about three to five days and if you can't see the portals, it is better to just walk the smoke through the house paying special attention to the walls.

Since the denser more solid substances increase the level of difficulty in traversing it makes sense to use tile on the floors and even bathroom tile on other areas of the house, slate or granite tiles provide an extra certain insulation against them, as do thicker denser walls and rock structures, such as caves.

Animal skin such as sheepskin makes a decent choice for bedclothes as it provides insulation in use as a bedspread and or a blanket covering.

A topically applied lotion containing eucalyptus oil, orange extract and wild oat extract with a heavy application right before sleeping has given me amazing results.

More conjecture on aliens

I believe that physical beings from other planets would be vulnerable to non-organic parasites though they may not be as ignorant of them as we are. Dense materials such as rock and metal of the earth would provide excellent protection against these non-material parasites, as such, if the children of the Anunnaki (the offspring of angels and man as mentioned in the Bible) still live on this planet, and I believe they very well could, then they would live in an area made habitable by their own technology under the surface of the earth.

As Above So Below

The esoteric legendary Emerald tablet states in simplicity, "As Above, So Below", what a wonderful multi truth to convey. The associations that can be attached to this are legion, but I will focus on two.

 1.            As the myriad of material life we see on the surface of this planet thrives in robust diversity we must accept one commonality that repeats itself over and over again, and that is that life on this planet is parasitic to free living on a ratio of 4 to 1 [DISCOVER, Vol. 21 No. 08, August 2000].  With that in mind, the cryptic message of the Emerald tablet has a significant message. If non-organic life, non-material non-organic life forms exist, and, I have to think that most likely they would, wouldn't they hold some similarity, some likeness to the life that has evolved organically? I think they would.

Non-corporal parasitic life forms are mentioned in the ancient text known as the Tibetan Book of the Dead which speaks about the "Pretas" which translates loosely to "hungry ghost" which because of their non-admittance into a post life abode, must roam the earth in search of food, in it's energetic form, and that form can only be found in the body's of the living.

The Taittiriya Upanishad is an ancient Hindu text, and one of the most venerated by the Yogis of India, for it describes the five subtle bodies all humans posses. This information is vital if you're a yogi, or deep meditation practitioner, for, just as an electrician needs to know the lay out of unseen wires within a structure's walls, so to does the seeker of personal healing need to know the lay out of personal configurations that are the root of personality and ways a spiritual energetic parasite could manipulate our ego's and emotions into letting go of that with which is our birth right. The Taittiriya Upanishad describes the five affected bodies with which our untouchable immortal soul resides. It would be like the core of the earth we could compare to our soul, which is within the mantle of the earth, then the crust of the earth, then the breathable atmosphere of the earth, then the unbreathable atmosphere of the earth and then the electromagnetic shield of the earth. Those five bodies are as follows.

1. Anna Maya Kosha: The body made of physical matter

2. Prana Maya Kosha: The body made of vital energy

3. Mano Maya Kosha: The body of thought energy

4. Vijnana Maya Kosha: The body of higher intelligence

5. Ananda Maya Kosha: The body of mystical awareness

These parasites I speak of would target the energy body, and attempt to steal energy away from it. How this is done I don't know, but, I suspect that through the process we emphasis our physical body made of matter and our body of thought energy, thus leaving our body of higher intelligence and our body of mystical awareness to atrophy.

The Gnostic scriptures of the  Nag Hamaradi Library speak not only of a hungry ghost, but a hungry God, as the God of the Old Testament "Yahweh" is recast, as "Yaldaboath" the blind idiot godling who feeds off of the spark of all human beings. This sounds incredibly preposterous, but in Christianity's infancy, before Constantine and the Roman Empire institutionalized it, this was a popular belief structure.

Carlos Castaneda spoke in earnest in his last book Being in Dreaming about worm like non-corporal entities that fed off of the life force of the human race, he also stated that these entities were pervasive and all encompassing to the point of even being responsible for thinking in words and viewing the world in a linear manner.

This leads one to ponder, if non-organic fourth dimensional humans are definitely a parasite of human beings, what of other more dominant more pervasive parasites inhabiting the fourth dimension?

Michael Harner a world famous Anthropologist writes in Way of the Shaman how when he was under the influence of ayahuasca (a powerful hallucinogen) he witnessed “dragon like creatures” that “had created life on the planet in order to hide within the multitudinous forms and thus disguise their presence.

The Gnostics, Michael Harner and Castaneda examples all sound like the ancient creation myth of the Babylonians that state all life on this planet is the by product of the life force of a sleeping (i.e. fourth dimension dwelling) dragon named Tiamat that was defeated by the Babylonian hero Marduk, and that one day the dragon would awaken.

We also find examples of higher, more organized and powerful parasites in the William S. Burroughs dictum “language is a virus”. In which he asks, “which came first the intestine or the tape worm?” Burroughs isn't so much wanting you to think about the evolution of the tapeworm and its habitat the intestines; he wants you to make a connection to something else. Burroughs points out that the tape worm didn't just grace upon an intestine that was merrily getting on without it, rather the intestine evolved in the way it did just to provide the tapeworm with a comfortable or profitable environment in which it might thrive. Borroughs is hinting at a difficult metaphor, and then out and says it in his dictum language is a virus.

“Self-identity is ultimately a symptom of parasitic invasion, the expression within me of forces originating from outside. Language is to the brain as the tapeworm is to the intestines. Even more so: it may just be possible to find a digestive space free from parasitic infection, but we will never find an uncontaminated mental space. Strands of alien DNA unfurl themselves in our brains, just as tapeworms unfurl themselves in our guts. Not just language, but the whole quality of human consciousness, as expressed in male and female is basically a virus mechanism.”

What Burroughs says here, powerfully agrees with Castaneda, who repeats over and over in his novels the key to sorcery is “to turn off the internal dialogue”.

H.P. Lovecraft also speaks of gods like powerful and dark beyond imagination beings which live in a dimension just out of our reach and just out of our touch, though we are not out of theirs (the fourth dimension). These beings have been on earth since it's infancy and are responsible for the introduction of life, as we know it on this planet. Lovecraft even has a poem about them, which seems to sum up their existence in the fourth dimension very well. “That which does not die but eternal lies, and with strange eons, even death may die”

David Hudson's white gold powder

I am no expert on the mono-atomic elements discovered by David Hudson, I have not even tried them, I am extremely curious though and willing to entertain a few notions concerning this matter.

David Hudson is a modern day alchemist with modern day discoveries. His methods are very scientific and he has shown how to reduplicate his methods of producing mono-atomic elements including gold.

Hudson has made some interesting correlations with information in ancient history where he thinks white gold powder was not only discovered, but used for certain spiritual transformations. David Hudson thinks the manna consumed by the Judaic peoples during their exodus from Egypt may have in fact been mono-atomic elements, and the Ark of the Covenant a device for making and storing mono-atomic elements. Hudson has stated that ingesting these elements and fasting for forty days, creates a magnetic field that repels other magnetic fields (could this be a method for protection against fourth dimensional parasites?)

If non-corporal greater parasites were a reality, they would be a universal reality, and as such, even advanced non-earth cultures like the Anunnaki would be forced to go though excessive means to find a remedy of them, even exhausting their own planetary supplies of mono atomic precious metals? And then traveling to other places like earth to find them?

If you ascribe one iota to the "collective unconscious mind” that Carl Jung refers to and then you look at all the cultures throughout modern and ancient history who describe a demon like race that is infinitely interested in the mind of man kind, you have to at one point wonder where paranoia ends, and where collective observations concerning self preservation begin.

It is my theory that the positive effects both physical and spiritual attributed to "the white powder gold" David Hudson speaks of is the one and same that Alchemists through the ages have spoke of and searched for. And the reason for the positive attributes are the releasing of the hold these parasites have on mankind, and as such the further development of the body of higher intelligence and the body of mystical awareness.

2. Just as non-conductive materials can keep in check known energies such as electricity, radiation and heat, so too do I think non-conductive materials can keep in check unknown energies, such as parasitic life forms (as above so below). In saying this, I now try and lend credibility and acknowledgment to the hypothesis, that a race of beings that are more highly containing a ratio of alien to human than the rest of us, live in, and thrive in, unknown civilizations under the surface of the earth.

I mention conductivity, because it has been my experience witnessing the “Pretas” I spoke of earlier taking their fill of energy and leaving portions of it on walls where they glide though solid matter as entrances. The constant use of the same space on a specific wall that is used, as a portal will begin to glow after time because of the residue left on it. Pretas tend to use the same space over and over again as a way of conserving the energy that is taken from live human beings which has a difficult time passing through thicker substances like walls. It has also been my experience that the thicker and denser the substance you surround yourself with, the less attractive you are to a Preta. I have even been told by an individual capable of astral travel that he felt uncomfortable passing through thick substances himself and that he even felt a sting when going through a ceiling once. The individual I speak is Jonathan Zapp and his illuminating and enlightening collection of writings concerning the Parasitic possibility and the possible forced condition on our race by these parasitic beings can be found by going to alignment2012.com and then clicking on Jonathan Zapp's Pavilion.

Sitchen talks of the half bread beings that were the product of Anunnaki and human pairings. These beings are mentioned in the Old Testament, and were referred to as the offspring of angels and the daughters of man, the creation of giants. I have found data all over the web concerning giants being dug up in North America well over nine feet tall. There are impressive city documents from the 19th and turn of the century concerning accidental findings due to city and road constructions. There are also very interesting Native American myths that detail giants who live under the earth and come out ever so often. There was an Arizona Republic article concerning such a find at the Grand Canyon. There is also an interesting article on giant mummies being found in Death Valley, the reason these two stuck out over the others, was because they actually found their way into major news papers at the time, only to have the archeology taken over by the Smithsonian and nothing ever heard about it again.

My reasoning for thinking the Anunnaki half breeds are still here among us is, why would they want to go back to their home planet and risk being considered second class citizens, we already know the Anunnaki had some kind of a class or caste system by the fact that a large portion of those who came here were brought for hard manual labor, that they rebelled against this, and then you have the reason for homo sapiens being created according to Sitchen.

It is my hypothesis, that these half-breed children were the ones who occupied the pseudo/mythological continents of Atlantis and Mu. It is also my hypothesis that these civilizations become petty and warring under the influence of the energy parasites that found their way to influence. And that, under this influence, wars took place, and the surviving members of this culture took to the only place these parasites could not affect them, under the earth.

Building a civilization under the earth seems impossible and so outlandishly laughable by pre 21st century standards that the ability to imagine it would have been difficult, but, now that we understand the possibility of super conductivity and the possibility of maintaining energy sources indefinitely, fusion, fission and of course the now acknowledged future of nano technology, which would make the daunting task of carving out thousands of miles of rock relatively easy, such a possibility doesn't seem laughable at all. As such, I repeat the alchemical mantra again, "As above, so below".

It is also worth mentioning Zecharia Sitchen's assumption of the use the Anunnaki had for the gold they mined, as per the Sumerian Tablets: A restorative, or preventive application that had to do with the atmosphere on the Anunnaki's home planet. Sitchen says that the gold the Anunnaki took back to their home planet was used to repair some damage the Anunnaki had done to their atmosphere. But what if it wasn't damage being repaired so much as a shield being erected and maintained. An interesting collective subconscious correlation if you think about 2000's special effects movie of the year “The Matrix”, and the blacking out of the sky to fight off the parasitic robots, other similarities in the motion picture industry are Dark City and Highlander 2.

Stories of individuals running into a subterranean race while cave traversing abound all over the internet, and I will leave you to search and find them for yourself if interested. I would also like to mention the ancient monoliths all over the earth, the South American basalt block structures at Lake Titicaca, the stone and earth pyramids all over the earth, even the coral castle erected by Ed Leeds in Florida, all point to a successful method of protection against energy stealing non-corporal life forms, if one is forced to live on the surface of the earth. Especially the pyramids of Giza, which Sitchen so often attributes directly to the Anunnaki, these would be the place to live.

So, in conclusion, I believe the monatomic elements talked about by David Hudson are probably an integral part of ridding one self of the fourth dimensional parasites I have talked about, but, not sufficient by itself to break the circuit. I do not believe the monatomic elements to be sufficient used alone to deactivate and or terminate the parasitic existence in which we sub Serb. I do believe that extraterrestrials are still on the earth and that they are vulnerable to this same parasitic force I have mentioned. I believe the reason these beings have for staying under our radar is that due to our parasitically influenced minds; we would not be attractive energetically to engage in transactions with of any kind. I do believe the aliens still on our earth to be technologi cally more advanced than us, and probably in communication with other alien races. This technological state allows them to live quite easily and unexpectedly comfortable, under the surface of the earth where the dense materials of the earth protect them against non-matter non-organic fourth dimensional parasitic beings.

Do I sound like an individual suffering from "Delusive Parasitosis"? I have to risk being diagnosed as such, every once in a while; craziness can incapsulate the truth better than the most logical minded mathematical philosopher. I am not saying I am right in stating any of this, just, that, it sounds interesting to me.

Marcus S. Chapman

(480) 663-3417



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