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Knowledge is Power

New -- 9 September 2004

A widely acknowledged truism is that knowledge is power. Significantly, secret knowledge or teachings held by a limited elite constitutes the potential for even greater power. It is apparently for this reason that world history of the last several thousand years has had embedded in its scope the underlying theme of the struggle for control and power based on esoteric ("for the few") knowledge, understandings, and wisdom.

From the mystery schools of ancient Egypt and Greece, to the Jerusalem treasures uncovered by the Knights Templar, to the holdings of knowledge and ancient records by ultra secret societies in the Middle Ages (such as the Priory Notre Dame de Sion), to the modern day guarded secrets of Freemasonry, the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, and a host of other allegedly conspiracy-laden organizations -- the greatest heritage of the human race has been carefully and studiously withheld from the mainstream of society. Understandings and techniques which afforded the potential for enormous enlightenment and evolution of the individual have been held for the exclusive use of those in power.

At the same time, such secrecy may have been warranted (and still may be) as a means of preserving the knowledge during times of inquisitions, book-burnings, and when the mainstream of society was still unprepared (for whatever reason) for the reality of truth. The fact that there have been many forces (particularly religions) which have made every effort (moral and immoral) to attack truth as a means of preserving their own view of the universe -- and their power and status thus engendered -- is perhaps the primary case in point. Curiously, the quest for the outright destruction (as in the case of the burning of the Library of Alexandria) or the placing of severe limitations on the dissemination of knowledge (as in the public school nightmare) is also based on control and power issues. Within the confines of this world-class power struggle, much esoteric wisdom and knowledge has been kept from public view both as a means of protecting the underlying truths as well as using them (or eliminating them) in order to profit thereby.

Until recently. Suddenly (in historical terms) Pandora's box has been overturned and individuals outside the elite groups of royalty and ancestral power-mongers have begun to glimpse, study, and understand the heretofore secrets of esoteric knowledge. And with the dissemination of such understanding into the mainstream, the control of one human over another is being lessened, while the potential for any individual is being increased. For the individual seeker of truth and enlightenment, suddenly the history of conspiracy to deny the existence of such wisdom becomes less important than the understandings of how one applies these fundamental teachings.


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The Holy Grail of Sacred Science


A plethora of evidence exists to suggest that a profoundly important and basic science capable of explaining a vast array of otherwise anomalous observations exists, but that such wisdom and knowledge has been intentionally withheld for millennia from the mainstream of modern society. The source and extent of this knowlege is briefly examined, as well as the evidence for the gradual discovery and/or dissemination of esoteric teachings and the degree to which critical information still exists in secret societies, mystery schools, and other organizations. Of particular importance are the subjects of Sacred Science (including mathematics, physics, and health/longevity studies), and the degree to which such subjects are being withheld from seekers and investigators.

The Source of Knowledge


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