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P. T. S. D. -- Scene 2


Premiered -- 18 June 2010


Continuation from Scene 1 of P. T. S. D., a stage play

MIKE: Let me talk to Ted for a minute.

TED: Mmmm.

MIKE: Remember when Wayne was in the hospital and his ups and downs, the manic depressive, the mood swings?

TED: Yeah.

MIKE: What was causing that?

TED: Well...

MIKE: Stuff going on inside? Both you guys?

TED: Yeah, well, when this dude would talk about stuff, it made us feel, made me feel it too.

MIKE: Sure.

TED: But there wasn't any way for me to get out.

MIKE: All of you relived it, up and down, all of it, right?

TED: I guess ...

MIKE: Cause your moods added to his, right?

TED: Oh, yeah...

MIKE: But shit! How could he help it? I mean, it's like surges... or surf. It's like surf on the beach.

TED: We didn't mean to do that to him.

MIKE: No, hell no. But what could you do? Why of course it'd happen that way. It was like waves, coming upon on the beach and then going down again. And everyone of your emotions, and Mike's and Jim's and Sam's, just increased the size of the waves, the intensity of the emotions, the depths of the downs.

TED: Oh, God!

MIKE: Everytime you talked about it, you all relived it again. All of you.

TED: We all felt it, yeah, we did. And we talked about it.

MIKE: You guys inside?

TED: Oh, yeah. Oh, it's weird.

MIKE: Yeah? Listen, you're still people. You just don't have bodies, you know what I mean? You know that, don't you?

TED: Yeah.

MIKE: Ted, is there anybody else, besides you four guys inside? is there anybody else inside. Wayne was heavy into drugs. Did anything else come in with the drugs?

TED: We were all into drugs.

MIKE: I know, but anything else besides you four... look around. Anything at all?

TED: (closing his eyes and searching inside) A kid. There's a kid.

MIKE: What's his name?

TED: Oh, God... Trang Tin.

MIKE: Vietnam kid?

TED: Yeah.

MIKE: Trang?

TED: He's just a little guy. Doesn't want to show himself.

MIKE: Yeah.

TED: Just a little guy.

MIKE: Ted, look around inside. You can see inside Wayne, can't you?

TED: (turning to Wayne and putting his hand on his shoulder) Yeah.

MIKE: Is there anything dark in there? And I don't mean Sam! I mean something black, black! Something nasty, rotten, evil. Look around. Maybe something's stinking. it may or may not be... don't make it up, Ted. But look around and see.

TED: It doesn't... I don't smell anything, but there's... looks like we're standing on it, whatever it is. Looks like black pajamas!

MIKE: Surprise. What is this stuff? What is this black stuff?

TED: VC. Holy cow, there's some fuckin' VC in here!

MIKE: No shit.

TED: There lookin' at me like they know what's goin' on, but they ain't sayin' a word.

MIKE: How many?

TED: Shit, I don't know.

MIKE: More than one?

TED: Ugh, they're ugly!

MIKE: Are they VC?

TED: Yeah, yeah, they are. How'd they get in here?

MIKE: How'd you get in there?

TED: I don't know.

MIKE: Same way.

TED: How come I didn't know they were there before?

MIKE: I don't know. How come you didn't? You never looked did you?

TED: Never did.

MIKE: No. Why would you bother?

TED: I don't know.

MIKE: Look around now. Who else is there? There's no reason to ever find it because you weren't looking for it. No reason to ever see it.

TED: No.

MIKE: It's a mess, isn't it?

TED: Poor Wayne! We gotta help him.

MIKE: We will. That's what we're doing today.

TED: (sigh)

MIKE: And you're doing a big part of this Ted. I want to thank you right now because you're helping the buddy who helped you. Now listen, Ted ... It's sickening, isn't it?

TED: Yeah.

MIKE: Ted, for a minute, pass that by. Let it slide and look inside yourself, Ted.

TED: Yeah?

MIKE: Inside yourself. Is there anything else inside you?

TED: No. I'm okay.

MIKE: You look around inside real close, because you didn't know these other guys were there. Look inside real close... inside you, Ted. Just you.

TED: No, I'm... I'm...

MIKE: You wouldn't want to notice them.

TED: How could she be in here?

MIKE: Well, look and see. Just the same way you're inside Wayne. Same way Wayne's inside Loni. Listen, man, nobody understands how the mind works. The shrinks didn't, did they?

TED: I don't get this..

MIKE: Just look around and see what's there.

TED: There's a girl. It's a girl.

MIKE: Uh-huh. Anybody you know?

TED: Yeah, I knew her. I saw her, met her one time.

MIKE: In Vietnam?

TED: Saigon.

MIKE: Hooker?

TED: Yeah. But she's real young ...

MIKE: They all were.

TED: So damn young ...

MIKE: Tore the country apart. There's no longer a country.

TED: She was so scared.

MIKE: What's her name?

TED: Min Van Chou.

MIKE: I'm surprised you didn't... you didn't want to know she was there, did you?

TED: I don't know her really. I only saw her one time.

MIKE: Yeah?

TED: Her parents were killed.

MIKE: You screw her?

TED: Oh, yeah.

MIKE: That's okay.

TED: She didn't have any food.

MIKE: Yeah.

TED: She begged me.

MIKE: How old was she?

TED: Oh, shit... 13? 14. Something like that. She didn't know.

MIKE: The war destroyed a country.

TED: She could barely speak any English. "Hey, Jim"... that's about all she could say.

MIKE: How'd she die? Ask her.

TED: Bomb. The VC bombed the building she was in.

MIKE: Shit. Look around inside, Ted, because everybody's gonna be helped today. This is the day you get set free, guys! All of you!! Everybody listen up. That includes Min Van Chou, and Trang and the VC and everybody. Is there anybody else inside you, Ted? Look and see.

TED: My dog?

MIKE: Your dog?!!

TED: (laughs)

MIKE: It's alright. It's not that unusual.

TED: How could a dog be in here?

MIKE: It's real easy.

TED: Dogs have souls?

MIKE: You bet your sweet ass! Anybody who thinks they don't is crazy.

TED: (laughs and sobs) I haven't seen that old thing in such a long time.

MIKE: You know what love is, Ted? It's what you feel for Wayne, right?

TED: Yeah.

MIKE: Guess what your dog feels for you? Is it much different? Not much, is it? It's just the bodies look a little different.

TED: I guess that's it.

MIKE: Anybody else? Anything else? Look around you.

TED: No.

MIKE: Isn't it amazing what can happen inside a mind? Look inside Jim.

TED: I can see that dog just as plain as day.

MIKE: Yep.

TED: (laughs) He's not hap ... he's not unhappy. He's jest like he always was.

MIKE: Just there, isn't 'ne?

TED: Yeah.

MIKE: Ted? Don't try to figure it out.

TED: Okay.

MIKE: Look inside Jim.

TED: Yeah?

MIKE: Anything else inside Jim? You can see inside him, can't you? Isn't that strange? (laughs) It's enough to blow your mind, isn't it?

TED: It's blew, man! My mind is blown! I guess there's more than one way to blow a mind!

MIKE: You got that straight!

TED: We're laughing. We're all just cracking up.

MIKE: Uh-huh. This is funny as hell.

TED: Shit... we can't believe it.

MIKE: Uh-huh. There's something new to learn every day, see that?

TED: What's really beautiful is that we're all one but we're not.

MIKE: You're real close.

TED: That's the weirdest...

MIKE: We're all one. Except not quite.

TED: Well ...

MIKE: Well what?

TED: What do we have to do to get out of here?

MIKE: I want to find everybody -- that's what we have to do.

TED: Okay.

MIKE: I want to make sure. Look inside Jim. Is there anything inside Jim? Want to get all these ducks lined up before we send all of you home.

TED: Well, it's real interesting that you should say ducks, because ...

MIKE: Did I just suggest that to you?

TED: ...because Jim jest said that there was a guy he was with, who was killed in a duck hunting accident.

MIKE: No wonder I said ducks.

TED: Must have been a hunting accident. Killed in an accident in Oregon. Real cold.

MIKE: Before Jim ever went to Vietnam?

TED: Oh, yeah. It was when he was jest a kid.

MIKE: And who is this guy?

TED: A neighbor. Jim and his dad had gone duck hunting and Jim's da ... what's happening?

MIKE: You guys can all touch each other's thoughts, see that?

TED: That's weird. That's really weird. How come I...

MIKE: Don’t even try to figure it out.

TED: No.

MIKE: I couldn't begin to give you an answer.

TED: The kid was, Jim was the kid... he was with the neighbor guy when his dad went around to the other side of the lake. So Jim's dad wasn't there when the gun went off. I guess the guy slipped, because Jim didn't shoot him or anything. He was just there when the guy, he died.

MIKE: What's this guy's name? Jim, what's your friend's name ?

TED: It was my dad's friend.

MIKE: Yeah, what's his name?

TED: His name was... Bernie?

MIKE: Bernie? Okay.

TED: Bernie!

MIKE: Bernie, are you awake? Bernie?

BERNIE: I'm awake.

MIKE: I'll bet that was a surprise when Jim took you to Vietnam with him.

BERNIE: I didn't even know what Vietnam was.

MIKE: What'd that make you think? Did you know you were dead? Remember the hunting accident? Or was it an accident, Bernie?

BERNIE: Oh, it was an accident. It was jest a stupid fool. I should have put it on safety. I was walking out of the water, we were all excited, you know, and the ducks went up and when I went to fire, I slipped. Fell on my own gun.

MIKE: You dumb shit!

BERNIE. Oh well.

MIKE: What happened then? You die right away?

BERNIE: Yeah. I was totally gone, just shot to shit.

MIKE: What happened? Could you see yourself down below? Did you float up out of your body real quick?

BERNIE: Fast! Jim was just... he was crying and screaming for his dad. But his dad can't hear because of those ducks and everything. The dog's trying to lick me in the face. Yeah! They had a black lab.

MIKE: Where'd you go?

BERNIE: Well...

MIKE: Jim pulled you out of the water.

BERNIE: He did. He was reaching down for me; he had a red ball cap on.

MIKE: You saw his red ball cap?

BERNIE: I saw that.

MIKE: And he's crying?

BERNIE: Well, no. He's not crying at first because he's just so shocked. And then he, he got hold of my jacket, my vest, and he pulled me out. I was pretty heavy, but he got me out. He was only about 12, just a kid. I don't remember after that.

MIKE: Do you remember looking out of his eyes?


MIKE: What did you see? First thing you saw looking out of his eyes.

BERNIE: Well... like I thought... I was an ugly old fucker laying there.

MIKE: Right. Bloody dumb shit!

BERNIE: I was a mess. A real mess.

MIKE: So you went right in; looked out of his eyes right away.

BERNIE: I guess I did.

MIKE: What was it that drew you to Jim?

BERNIE: Well... he loved me... or compassionate...

MIKE: Well?

BERNIE: Well, I guess I loved him too. Or the compassion...

MIKE: Enough to come into his body and live there? Come on!

BERNIE: I didn't know where else to go.

MIKE: Not a God-fearing fella, were you Bernie? Did you know about heaven and all that stuff?

BERNIE: I wasn't much for praying.

MIKE: No, I didn't think so. You were a drinker, not a prayer, right?

BERNIE: Me and Jim's dad used to tie one on once in a while.

MIKE: I've done the same myself. Listen, Bernie. A lot of people do what you did. It's not unusual. But then you got trapped, didn't you?

BERNIE: By my own stupidity.

MIKE: Uh-huh. Trapped right inside. And you couldn't get out. Went to Vietnam with the kid, didn't you?

BERNIE: Yeah... I was real proud of him.

MIKE: What happened to him, remember?

BERNIE: He kind of got himself killed. I tried to warn him!

MIKE: Did you know it was gonna happen?

BERNIE: Yeah, I knew.

MIKE: How'd you know?

BERNIE: (pause) I don't know!

MIKE: You’re telepathic and you're psychic, too? You've got some wonderful skills there, Bernie. (laughs) Don't try to understand it. You just knew though, didn't you? Somehow, you knew. Got his ass blown off, didn't he?

BERNIE: Ain't shittin'. More than that!

MIKE: Yeah.

BERNIE: They couldn't even find him.

MIKE: So you followed Wayne, all the guys followed Wayne to the hospital, joined him there, the same as you joined Jim.


MIKE: Anybody inside you, Bernie? Look and see.

BERNIE: (laughs) Those damn ducks!

JIM: Shit! There's a whole flock of ducks in here!

MIKE: That'll teach you to shoot the little buggers! Ducks have souls too!

BERNIE: And maybe I'm telepathic, too, huh?

SAM: Man, I sho am glad you guys didn't snoot an elk!

(ALL laugh)

BERNIE: Being a drinking man, I ... (laughs uproariously)

LONI: This is just so crazy.

MIKE: Who said that?

LONI: This is Loni.

(several laugh)

LONI: I don't believe it! Shit! This is Loni again. The weird part of it is, I'm starting to see these guys' faces.

MIKE: (sigh)

LONI: (sigh) This is work!

MIKE: So, let's look inside Jeff.

LONI: (sigh)

MIKE: What happens in Ohio, Jeff? What happens there?

JEFF: Not much. (laughs)

MIKE: Not a hell of a lot, huh?

JEFF: I once got to watch the acorns drop off the trees.

MIKE: Terrific, terrific. You got any squirrels inside? Look inside and see. Little joke, Jeff ... sorry.

JEFF: (laughs) Squirrels! (sighs) Well, after what I heard these other guys say, it feels like there ought to be somebody in here, but I don't feel like it. I don't...

MIKE: It may not be.

JEFF: Don't feel like it.

MIKE: Nothing says there has to be. Help him out, Ted. Look inside and see if you can kind of like, flash a light around inside. Shine a bright light around and see is there's anything inside Jeff. Some people don't have anything inside...

TED: Doesn't look like it. The guy studied all his life, and he's not no hunter. I don't know how he got here with the rest of us.

JEFF: (laughs) Drafted! How else?

MIKE: And ended up in the same place. So, maybe not.

JIM: But there's still something inside, Ted.

TED: Fuck off, Jimmy!

MIKE: You sound a little pissed, Ted.

TED: You blame me?

MIKE: Why so angry? You always been that angry?

TED: (thinking) I guess not. Not when I was home. But I went to Vietnam. That's enough to make anybody angry!

MIKE: Can you describe the anger? How it happens, when it comes, what stimulates you, how it plays out, how it ends?

TED: Well... sometimes it's just a general anger. But every once in a while, it kinda takes over... like an explosion. My mouth gets locked, my jaw... I get real aggressive and vengeful. In 'nam, it'd happen first thing in the mornin', when I'm not awake yet... or when I was really tired.

MIKE: Do you drink alcohol at all?

TED: No. Not now.

MIKE: Can you feel that it is not you at the time? Are you aware of that sense of it? You know it afterwards, but at the time...

TED: All the time. It's like I've lost some sense of who I am. It's like something else is there. It's me saying I'm doing it, but yet it really isn't me saying I'm doing it.

MIKE: It's hard to put into words. How long were you in Vietnam?

TED: Only about a year, but that one year was so intense! Hours seemed like days. I can remember times when we were under heavy combat, that every minute you could sit and watch your watch, and it seemed like each little click, everything was in slow motion. Time had just stopped. And you didn't know what was going to happen, who was going to get killed next or what was going to happen. I mean that year was just like ten years. I felt I aged ten years... well... until I quit aging altogether.

MIKE: Your feelings right now... what are you feeling?

TED: There's a part of me that's terrible. Like there's been a lot of fear going on with me. I can't see what it is, but it's... an unknown.

MIKE: Is the fear yours or is the fear that of another person, someone who has the anger? Can we differentiate? You've been feeling the fear right now. Let the fear come back to you.

TED: (sitting, as if ready for his own therapy session) I'm not totally certain that it's mine. And I'm not clear that it isn't mine either.

MIKE: That may be as close as you can get to it now and that's pretty definitive. It's like it overlaps somehow, whether it's yours or whoever's. You're feeling it now. Focus inward right now on those feelings. If your feelings could speak right now, what would they say... the first thing that comes to mind?

TED: Go away?

MIKE: Say it again.

TED: Go away...

MIKE: Say it again. Let your feelings out.

VOICE BEHIND TED: (very authoritative) Go away!

MIKE: Who said that?


MIKE: So you can hide?

VOICE: I no hide!

MIKE: But you are hiding. Do you know what you're hiding from?

VOICE: I no hide!

TED: Oh, God!

MIKE: What?

TED: My first battle! I had killed a bunch... I wanted to be sick. Then I blew this VC officer away -- just to make sure he was dead -- and suddenly... I was ready to kill again!

MIKE: Your first battle... it changed you into a killer, didn't it.

TED: Yes.

MIKE: Is that one still here, Ted? The one that made you a killer; is he here? Or does he hide?

LI: (same as Voice) I no hide!

MIKE: Then speak. Speak now.

(LI begins to appear from behind Ted in his bloodied VC uniform. Lighting on him is at first dim, and does not reach normal intensity until Li identifies himself as being from Cambodia.)

LI: I'm Li. Lieutenant Li.

MIKE: Lieutenant Li?

LI: Yes.

MIKE: Li. How do you spell it?

LI: L, i.

MIKE: Oh! Where are you from, Li?'

LI: Cambodia.

MIKE: From Cambodia. Lieutenant Li, are you a killer?

LI: I am a killer.

MIKE: You were well trained?

LI: I was well trained; highly skilled. I'm the best.

MIKE: You are the best?

LI: My hands can kill anything.

MIKE: Don't need a weap... just your hands?

LI: Just my hands.

MIKE: A highly skilled killer... you've been trained for this for years, haven't you?

LI: All my life.

MIKE: They even train the children.

LI: Of course.

MIKE: It is an admirable skill that you have and it's used to kill people. How does that feel?

LI: (grandiose, as if trying to convince Mike) Powerful. I feel power. Great power.

MIKE: Lieutenant Li, during that battle that Ted spoke of... what happened to you?

LI: I was killed. I was shot. I was shot in head... and arm. Only they came to make sure I was dead. I was still there.

MIKE: Your body was dead?

LI: Yes.

MIKE: But you were still there?

LI: Yes. And I found someone who was strong and went into him.

MIKE: Was he near you?

LI: Yes. He felt my body.

MIKE: He's the one who shot you?

LI: He came up and put a gun to my ear and blew my head off. And I went into him, because he was strong to kill.

MIKE: You admired that strength to kill?

LI: Yes.

MIKE: And he came out of that battle, a killer, the one named Ted?

LI: Yes. Now I must be killing through him.

MIKE: Yes, of course. Lieutenant Li, you were trained as a child in these skills and you became a killer. But let me ask you, as you were inside Ted and Ted is inside Wayne; it there another inside you? Is there one inside Lieutenant Li that gives him this feeling of power, the joy in killing. I want to speak to that one.

MAO TA: (voice from behind Li) Mao Ta.

MIKE: Mao Da?

MAO TA: Mao Ta.

MIKE: Alright, Mao Ta. You lived inside the one we know as Lieutenant Li; is that right?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: And what is your function inside Lieutenant Li?

MAO TA: (stepping into shadow near Li) I am warrior!

MIKE: Oh. Do you know what sort of battles... what are the names of your battles, which countries, what are the years?

MAO TA: (stepping in light in full ancient Chinese warrior regalia) Ancient warrior.

MIKE: Ancient. Ancient, according to our times. In what country, Mao Ta? What would be the modern name, the name that we would use today for the country that you were a warrior for?

MAO TA: (pause) China.

MIKE: You were a Chinese warrior, ancient Chinese warrior?

MAO TA: Prince.

MIKE: Prince?

MAO TA: Warrior class. Much honor.

MIKE: It is an honor to be warrior, skilled and brave. Mao Ta, did you die in battle?

MAO TA: I die. I die a slow death.

MIKE: At whose hands?

MAO TA: At my own hands.

MIKE: For what reason?

MAO TA: For honor. I am warrior! Must die in honor.

MIKE: Would warriors kill themselves?

MAO TA: Yes. It is honor to die. It is honor to die for your father.

MIKE: You died for your father then?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: Did others like yourself die for your father?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: In battle or in a ceremony?

MAO TA: In a ceremony. We go with him.

MIKE: At his death?

MAO TA: At his death.

MIKE: Were your brothers then, your father's other sons, did they die with you?

MAO TA: Yes. And cousins, uncle.

MIKE: What was your father's name? How was he known?

MAO TA: Pacoo. Bio Pacoo.

MIKE: He was in charge of China? What was his title?

MAO TA: He Lord Master.

MIKE: Yes. Of all China?

MAO TA: Province.

MIKE: Alright. He was a provincial chief then?

MAO TA: Yes. He die an honorable death and we follow with him to protect him.

MIKE: And what happened after your death? Were you able to protect him.

MAO TA: (pause) No.

MIKE: What happened?

MAO TA: We went different ways.

MIKE: But wasn't it your job to protect him?

MAO TA: We couldn't.

MIKE: What happened?

MAO TA: It was... different.

MIKE: Different from what you thought it would be?

MAO TA: Yes. No other world.

MIKE: No. What was there on the other side? It wasn't the other world that you thought?

MAO TA: No. It was timeless. No form... awareness.

MIKE: Just awareness. there was awareness?

MAO TA: Awareness.

MIKE: But no time or form?

MAO TA: No time or form.

MIKE: Were you aware of other awareness? Other beings?

MAO TA: Sometimes.

MIKE: Your brothers and cousins, were you aware of them?


MIKE: And your father?

MAO TA: No. Picked a little girl. Saw a little girl.

MIKE: Chinese girl?

MAO TA: In the jungles. I came and lived in her for a while and we picked flowers.

MIKE: You enjoyed that?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: A proud warrior picking flowers?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: Is that in keeping with your status as a proud warrior?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: Gentleness and beauty.

MAO TA: Gentleness, pureness, honesty.

MIKE: Yes. The honor of a warrior is pure like a flower.

MAO TA: Yes. And the little girl.

MIKE: You were with her for a long time?

MAO TA: And her child.

MIKE: So you left the woman and went into her child?

MAO TA: Yes. At time of birth.

MIKE: At the time of the child's birth?

MAO TA: Yes. Stayed with the little girl.

MIKE: Did the mother live through the birth?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: Then you stayed with the new little girl?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: For how long?

MAO TA: It seems forever. Until she died of old age.

MIKE: Did you leave her at her death? Or did you stay with her?

MAO TA: I left her. I journeyed into nowhere.

MIKE: Again nowhere?

MAO TA: Nowhere.

MIKE: Without a body you are in nowhere?

MAO TA: There is no form. No time.

MIKE: And Mao Ta, what happened after that? After the second little girl? You stayed with her until her death as an old woman. What next? Do you remember?

MAO TA: I went to another place, another people. And I was a shepard... I remember now. I saw the shepard on the rock and he was there and I went into him and I helped him.

MIKE: How did you help him, Mao Ta?

MAO TA: I gave him strength to fight off the wolves.

MIKE: Did you fight beside him?

MAO TA: I fought as him.

MIKE: As him. You went into him? How were you able to get into him?

MAO TA: Through his ears.

MIKE: Alright.

MAO TA: He was listening very hard. And he was very frightened. And I came when he was listening for the wolves. I stayed with him.

MIKE: Did he know you were there?


MIKE: No. Most don't, do they? Most people don't. Did the girl, the mother or the daughter?

MAO TA: No. They were strong.

MIKE: Because you were there?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: You gave them strength?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: And the shepard... did you stay with him to his death?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: What happened then?

MAO TA: Into the nothingness.

MIKE: Again, nothingness. You left him at his death, then you went into the nothingness?

MAO TA: He died when he fell. He fell. He was left for days. Slowly he died.

MIKE: As you did.

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: But he took longer to die than you did, Mao Ta?

MAO TA: More pain.

MIKE: And not with honor?

MAO TA: Alone.

MIKE: You left him then?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: And into the formlessness?

MAO TA: I was a warrior again.

MIKE: Ah. In what country this time?

MAO TA: Cambodia.

MIKE: What was his name?

MAO TA: Lee Ha. King, warrior. Honor and battle. Good with the bow... sword.

MIKE: You are familiar with the sword?

MAO TA: Yes. I was him! And he died... we died... violent. So beautiful.

MIKE: With honor?

MAO TA: With honor.

MIKE: At his death, Mao Ta... at his death, what happened?

MAO TA: Big celebration. Much happiness.

MIKE: A great honor on family, the country?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: Please you too?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: Did you stay around after his death to watch the celebration?

MAO TA: Yes. And Lee Ha was there. He was happy, too.

MIKE: Was he then aware of you?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: Had he been aware of you during his life?

MAO Ta: No. Then he went...

MIKE: Into the nothingness?

MAO TA: I don't know.

MIKE: What did you do next?

MAO TA: I was a teacher. I found a teacher and in the silence I taught.

MIKE: You taught through him. How old was he when you came to him?

MAO TA: Old. Old.

MIKE: The teaching is quite different from being a warrior. Honorable still. But different... not violent.

MAO TA: Honorable.

MIKE: And the teacher's name?

MAO TA: Lo Han.

MIKE: In Cambodia still?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: You enjoy the teaching?

MAO TA: Yes. Much peace.

MIKE: And at the time of Lo Han's death, what happened?

MAO TA: Searched for a warrior.

MIKE: You left Lo Han then?

MAO TA: Yes. Back to being warrior. I am of the warrior class.

MIKE: Did you find someone?

MAO TA: No. Found a little girl. Stayed not long. Found new warrior.

MIKE: You enjoyed being with the little girl for a while, but you wanted to be a warrior?

MAO TA: It is the gentleness of the sword. The mastery. It's a beautiful girl.

MIKE: Gentleness and purity. They are much alike then... the warrior, the sword, the little girl and the flower?

MAO TA: Yes. I see great master. Great Master.

MIKE: The great master. Who is that?

MAO TA: Bao Lay.

MIKE: Bao Lay is the great master... of what?

MAO TA: The universe. Great teacher. I see him. He is not in me, but I see him.

MIKE: He is a man?

MAO TA: He is a man with a long, white beard. He get that through meditation. He knows. I wish to know.

MIKE: You're a student now of Bao Lay?

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: And whose body are you in now?

MAO TA: Ted. I am the warrior. Inside Li.

MIKE: What happens to you that you can be inside Ted, inside Li?

MAO TA: Dream world. Hide in dreams. Hide in Ted... hide in Wayne. Come out.

MIKE: Hiding in Li, inside Ted, inside Wayne...

MAO TA: All one. All same.

MIKE: Your lineage goes back far. And the anger. Do you come out in anger then?

MAO TA: No. There is power.

MIKE: Anger is power.

MAO TA: Yes. Master power.

MIKE: It's what Lieutenant Li felt with the power of killing. You came into the one, Ted, who was hurt and Ted brought you all into Wayne.

MAO TA: Yes.

MIKE: Wayne is the medic, not the warrior. What was there about Wayne that drew you to him?

MAO TA: He is the little girl. The innocent, the love.

MIKE: The beauty and the purity, once again. You are all once again together in the one. Drawn once again from another time. To the gentleness and the purity and the love. Alright. Once again, I would like to speak to Ted. Ted... that's quite a history. Were you aware of so many inside you?

TED: Good God no!

MIKE: (laughs) Can you see where some of your anger came, after your first battle?

TED: Yes... definitely.

MIKE: That wasn't truly you, then... was it?

TED: No. Super strength.

MIKE: You enjoyed the strength?

TED: Yes... and the power. (laughs)

MIKE: You enjoyed it. But before it came on so suddenly in the first battle, do you remember shooting the man in the head?

TED: No... yes. Yes. That was the worse one of all.

MIKE: It was your duty. It was your orders, right? Ted, do you think this happened to many, many of the men in Vietnam?

TED: Sure. Ancient warrior culture. Thousands came here.

MIKE: Many of the ancient warriors then, came home with the GI servicemen who survived. Is this causing some of the post traumatic tension, the problem today with the Vietnam vets?

TED: Yes. Many of them go out and kill family, rob stores, and... act like ancient marauders.

MIKE: Only now... ten, fifteen, twenty years later, it's coming out for many of them.

TED: It's been buried.

MIKE: Deeply buried, as it has been in you. For years.

TED: Hiding. (smiles) Good warriors know when to hide.

MIKE: Yes. Are there others? Are there yet others here?

TED: (looking out into space over the audience) Ancient souls. Of the culture. Of the time.

MIKE: And soon they will go home.

TED: I hope so. Yeah. It's time. Some may only now be aware that they're dead. But they are. And it's time to truly go home.

MIKE: Sure is.


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