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A One Night Stand

  New -- October 1, 2003

 Multiple Choice

Episode I




The morning sun highlights a tree-filled valley of greens and browns with snow-capped mountains in the distant.  White, billowing clouds add a gentle, peaceful movement of light and shadow across a nearby lake.  The scenic panorama continues to unfold, until dirty, brown, ground fortifications are seen in the foreground -- fortifications which appear to be current.  Suddenly, out of the color-filled clouds, a strange and threatening spacecraft begins sweeping down for an apparent strafing run.  Simultaneously, the attacking ship begins firing laser cannons toward the ground, the subsequent explosions shattering the tranquility.  Isolated ground fortifications begin to randomly return fire, creating a classic, future battle scene as other spacecraft enter the fray. 

DAVID KINCAID, in full battle regalia (a Rambo style of the near-future -- torn and battle scarred clothing, crisscrossed with all manner of weaponry and technological marvels), is running toward a sand-bagged bunker, carrying an oversized, futuristic rifle-shaped weapon in one hand.  The bunker is suddenly hit and explodes in front of him, causing our hero to hit the dirt, roll, and begin firing from the hip at one of the alien spacecraft.  Explosions proliferate as the battle seems to center around David.  Abruptly, a really ugly alien ground trooper comes rushing from one side, as David leaps to his feet just in time to blast his attacker.  Without bothering to look, David then turns to blast another alien ground trooper coming from the other direction. 

Just behind the second alien, CATHY MAEL, dressed in the latest “Lady-Rambo” fashion, comes running toward David, blasting a third alien to one side without so much as breaking her stride.  Suddenly a nearby laser blast from a spacecraft knocks Cathy off her feet, just as she reaches a “king of the mountain” position atop a large pile of rubble.  David reacts to her dilemma by rushing toward her position, simultaneously blasting a fourth alien ground trooper who has the misfortune to appear from the same direction as Cathy, and who was already thoughtlessly taking aim on the wounded female.

With Cathy in a sitting position and holding onto David’s leg -- in a very sexual manner such that one of her hands is almost all the way up his inner thigh and inside his torn jeans -- David is seen in the classic, comic-book hero’s stance, shooting from the hip with a huge laser rifle in one hand, and a similarly deadly-looking laser pistol in the other.  Cathy looks particularly sexy in her carefully torn and revealing clothing and adds to the hero’s stance.  But she also manages to return occasional fire in roughly horizontal shots with her hand laser pistol -- all the while stroking David’s thigh. David, meanwhile, is concentrating on shooting at spacecraft with both of his weapons. 

In the midst of smoke, debris and occasional explosion JEREMIAH approaches carrying a silver tray of three martinis.  Dressed in formal waiter’s garb, and in the true English butler fashion, he offers David a martini.


Your drink, sir.

David continues to fire the laser rifle with one hand, holsters the pistol, and takes the proffered martini with his free hand.


Excellent idea, Miah.  Thank you.

Nonchalantly and in the midst of still firing the laser rifle, David takes a whiff of the drink’s bouquet, smiles, and takes a sip, obviously relishing the taste.  But then his expression turns blank as he notices Cathy standing alongside Jeremiah, with the “English butler” offering her one of the remaining martinis on the tray.  As she reaches for it, Jeremiah helps himself to the third drink, toasting glasses with Cathy, and then downing his drink in one gulp.  David views this scene with a perplexed look.   He then glances down to see that is still holding his leg with one hand nearly to his crotch. 

There he sees ARIS WARD, who instead of looking up at David is eyeing Cathy and Jeremiah.  She then turns to look up at DAVID with a “where’s-my-drink” look.  David returns her gaze for a moment, and then abruptly stops firing his weapon, taking the time to look at his martini and then at the surroundings of the raging battle.  He frowns, and turns to look at the camera with a queer expression.  Simultaneously, a ringing is heard in the distance.           



David is lying in a king-size bed covered by a single sheet.  A blanket and bedspread lie in a twisted heap on the floor at the foot of the bed.  The room is a modern, bachelor’s medium-budget pad, clean and neat except for the bed and his-and-her quickly shed articles of clothing.  The oak furniture, wall paintings, and miscellaneous art works are tasteful, but relatively generic and uninspired.  The alarm clock is ringing. 

David sits straight up in bed.  He immediately falls back and simultaneously rolls over slightly to stretch for the alarm.  With a quick hand movement, he turns off the incessant ringing.  Slowly rising back up, he yawns and shakes his head from side to side.


Geez!  What'd I have last night?

Aris, still covered by the sheets on the opposite side of the bed, rolls away from David, dragging the covers and slightly exposing his nakedness.  Her movement catches his eye, and he looks at the apparition with a surprised look.  He tries to peer over the sheets in order to see the woman’s face, but then frowns.  Surreptitiously, he gently lifts a corner of the sheet on his side and looks underneath at Aris’ backside.  He smiles slightly.  But then the smile vanishes as he looks under the sheets on his side of the bed.  After a quick glance to see if the coast is clear, he quietly slips out of the bed and tip toes around to the woman’s side.  Aris takes that moment to roll back to a face-up position, and thereby reveal a very attractive face, framed by long beautiful hair.  David raises his eyebrows at the sight, then gingerly lifts the sheet from the same side to see more of her body.  He abruptly grins.  Aris rolls again, pulling the sheets out of David’s hand and allowing them to fall back on the bed.  With a cocky, male chauvinist smile, David begins to strut across the room, taking a deep breath and unconsciously flexing his muscles.


Oh yeah, David!  You still got it!

Still strutting as he reaches the nearby upright dresser, David opens the upper drawer and pulls out a pair of under-shorts.  Abruptly, his smile disappears as he slowly pulls out a framed 8x10 photograph of Cathy with a handwritten scrawl: “With all my love... Cathy”.  David’s hubris and cocky posture are immediately dissipated, as his shoulders slump, the breath goes out of him in a heavy sigh, and his smile becomes a sad frown. 

Leaning forward, he drapes his forearms on the dresser top, while his head is hung in a hang-dog fashion.  He gazes forlornly at the photo, and then glances back at the woman in his bed.  Aris, while gorgeous, is clearly not the same woman as in the photograph.  David looks back at the photo and momentarily caresses Cathy’s photographic cheek.  Until he catches himself, frowns, and slides the photo back into the drawer.  Noticing a tell-tale dust mark where the photo had been, he quickly brushes away the obvious pattern with his shorts, and glancing quickly at the woman in his bed, turns and walks to the bathroom door.



David’s bathroom is a modern complement to his bedroom -- spacious, well appointed, and with a full glass wall behind a shaped synthetic marble sink and long counter.  The room is well-lighted, with towels neatly folded and a green plant hanging in one corner.  David has his shorts on and is looking in the mirror, judging the growth of his beard.  His manner continues to be subdued, and for a moment he looks away from the mirror, his arms straightening and supporting himself as he leans forward.  He sighs and shakes his head “no”, as if critically reappraising something, before he looks again at his reflection.


This really sucks! Cathy’s gone, David!  She’s history!  Get used to it!

David smiles bleakly, again shaking his head “no”.


Fat chance. 

David breathes a heavy sigh, and then a long, indrawn breath.


Okay, enough of that.  It’s time for a whole new game plan!  New rules.  Something radically different!  Starting now!

With another deep breath, David reaches down to turn on the water.  Without warning, the water splashes up and into his face, and with considerably more force than would be expected from a simple bathroom faucet.  At the same time, the scene phases -- as if David had been transported elsewhere via Star Trek technology, but with the added twist of the phasing being accompanied with a blast of rushing water.         



In the midst of the phasing, the bathroom suddenly appears as an old, Spartan style bathroom, consisting of a simple, old fashioned sink on a pedestal (with occasional rust stains), and an old, rusted bathroom mirror/medicine-cabinet combination. There is clearly much less attention to detail, cleanliness and/or routine maintenance.  David is soaked from the waist up, and reaches for a towel to dry himself.  He flails about for a moment, trying to find it.  Taking the towel from a rack partially pulled out from the wall, he begins to dry himself.  Until he takes notice of the towel rack and reacts with a stunned expression.  Slowly, he begins to look around the rest of the room, his mouth slowly falling open.


What the hell...?

Before David can recover from his shock, Aris rushes in.  She is already hurriedly dressed, and her hair in need of combing.  She’s wearing minimal makeup and immediately heads for the mirror where she begins brushing her hair.


Jesus!  How long were you going to let me sleep?  Till noon?






Hey, you remembered my name.  Wow.



I don’t understand.  What’s wrong?



Those damned morality squads, what else?  You may not be worried, but I’m the female. I’d be drawn and quartered.



What are you talking about?



They’re always harder on the female than the male.  It’s the old scapegoating of Eve crap!



Are you crazy?  What’s going on here? What the hell happened to my bathroom!?

As David stares in bewildered frustration, Aris turns to finish combing her hair.


Pretty much the way it was last night, Hun.

Don’t you remember?

For a moment Aris turns to look at David’s uncomprehending, mouth-open stare.


Surely, you’re not that dense.  I mean, you seemed pretty intelligent last night.  In fact, that’s one of the things that turned me on.



My brains...?



Well, there were other features that were, you know, okay.



Like what?”

Aris turns to leave, giving a leering David a kiss on the cheek.


I'll get back to you on it.

Aris exits, with David -- after a quick look around at the bathroom -- following her.



David’s bedroom is now totally different: A Spartan, smaller bed, crummier furniture, poorly cleaned and maintained.  There are also various religious artifacts everywhere. David reacts to the sight of his bedroom with his mouth falling open, while Aris grabs a large Christian Cross and drapes it around her neck so it shows in full view.


Shit!  My bedroom! 

Aris looks at him with a puzzled expression, shrugs her shoulders, grabs her purse and heads for the door.  David sees her going and steps in her direction.


Wait!  You said you'd call.  When?




Aris opens the door and freezes.  In the doorway are four figures, all dressed in monk’s habits.  The two men in front are dressed in brown robes, but still manage to look like Caucasian thugs for the local Mafia.  The third is dressed in black and is considerably more sinister looking, while the fourth figure in black is smaller and less threatening. 

Aris takes one look, and tries to let the door swing back closed.  BROWN #1 stops the door from closing, causing Aris to back away, cleared panicked.  The brown robed men step inside, raising their weapons (near-future, Uzi-like guns which are only partially concealed by the elaborate sleeves of their robes).  Aris stares at the weapons, having appeared to have lost all her fight and self-confidence.  The first figure in black, Jeremiah, steps inside as well, followed by the fourth figure, who leaves a wary BROWN #2 to close the door.  Jeremiah brushes back his hood, takes a quick glance at the thoroughly messed bed and in a sinister, charismatic manner mixed with full diplomacy, smiles sadly.


A grievous sin, my brother and sister.  Eve’s original crime against mankind.  I must tell you that I am very distressed.

The fourth figure sheds her hood, revealing an unsmiling Cathy.  David’s face lights up.


Cathy!  Honey!  You came back!

Jeremiah’s expression turns to bemused surprise, as he slowly turns to a wide-eyed Cathy.


Ms. Mael, you know this man?



No.  Nor do I know how he recognized me.



Perhaps your fame has preceded you.

Cathy turns to avoid Jeremiah’s mocking smile, and begins to stare icily at Aris.  David continues to stare at Cathy.  Jeremiah, his smile abruptly vanishing, turns to David.


Your identification.  Now!

Aris mechanically opens her purse and hands an elaborate Passport Identification to Jeremiah, who quickly glances at it.  David simply looks stunned.


Cathy, what the hell is going on here?  Who is this guy?  And what the hell are these clowns doing in my apartment?

Jeremiah looks surprised and begins to take a longer look at David.


Is this some kind of denial?



Denial of what!?

Jeremiah continues to stare at David, while Brown #2 casually grabs David’s pants draped over a chair, and pulls out an identification card similar to Aris’.  He hands it to Jeremiah, who immediately opens the Passport Identification and examines it.  David stares at the process until he starts to step forward -- rousing Brown #2’s guard.  David takes one glance at Brown #2, and steps back.  He then watches Jeremiah go through the second ID.


Just a minute!  That’s not mine.

Jeremiah takes a careful look at David’s ID, comparing its photo to the real person.


Curious.  It’s a very good likeness.  At the same time, however, there’s no indication whatsoever of any legal, binding relationship with this woman.  Which suggests a time for repentance, don’t you think?  But do remember, brother and sister: We’re only doing what’s best for you.

Brown #1 takes Aris’ arm and starts moving her toward the front door.  Cathy moves to take a position alongside the two of them, keeping her eye on Aris.  Jeremiah approaches David as if to share a confidence with the condemned criminal.


It is understandable my friend, how a mortal man can be swayed by a Siren of Eve.  And hopefully, your judgment will be lenient.  But do keep in mind, the crime is getting caught.

With a wink and a knowing, confidential laugh, Jeremiah looks to Brown #2, who quickly tosses David his pants.  David, still at a loss, takes the pants and puts them on.


This is crazy.



Careful!  Such comments are noted!

David looks at Jeremiah, and then turns away, as he silently tightens his belt.  Brown #2 tosses him a shirt, and then puts an arm on his back to push him to the door.  Jeremiah, still holding the IDs in his hand, takes a position alongside Cathy and in front of David.





You won’t need them.

All six exit the front door as David starts to hurriedly put on his shirt.



As Aris and Brown #1 exit the front doors of David’s poorly maintained and rapidly decaying Brownstone, they come upon a gang of youths who are attacking the “morality squad” van.  A wounded monk is lying in the street, with several boys hitting him with rocks and sticks, and several of their co-conspirators trying to push the van over on its side.  Aris reacts by elbowing her escort, but Brown #1 is relatively unaffected by her attack, and simply holds her at arm’s length -- until two boys slam into him and thereby free her. 

As Jeremiah and Cathy arrive on the scene, several of the boys step back in fear at their approach.  Sirens are heard, and the boys abruptly scatter.  Aris does a karate kick to Jeremiah’s genitals, only to have minimal effect.  Then she jams her straightened fingers into his throat, causing him to gag and fall back.  Brown #2 sees the latter just as he arrives on the scene with David, and letting go of his charge, moves to help Jeremiah.  In the process, however, he is blocked from Aris by Jeremiah falling back against him. 

David rushes forward to help, but then stops, suddenly unsure of himself.  Aris grabs the IDs that Jeremiah has dropped on the sidewalk, turns and runs.  David hesitates, and turns to Cathy, who has pulled out a cellular telephone and is calling for help.  David frowns at her, and then turns to run after Aris.  Automatic gunfire is heard, while up ahead, several of the boys scatter into a nearby alley with at least one boy apparently being hit or wounded.  One of the other boys helps his wounded comrade, as the gunfire appears everywhere and at random.  Aris ducks into a small retail food store, with David running after her.



On seeing ARIS running in, the store clerk, an elderly man, ducks behind the counter.


No hable Inglesh!

Aris ignores the man and sprints for the back door. David hurries to catch up with her.



Aris runs to the end of an alley and turns onto the street.  Just behind her, David turns the corner as well, but is momentarily slowed by the scene of an elementary school with a heavy chain-link fence around it and rolled razor wire on top -- the place looking like a prison.  In the school yard, kids in stark uniforms are lined up in military-style rows waiting for an opportunity to use the swing set.  All are quiet, including the kids on the swings who are barely smiling.  The scene is grim and the antithesis of kids at recess. 

Aris dashes down the street alongside the school, with David abruptly sprinting and almost catching up with her.  As they turn a corner, they come upon a robed, grinning monk who turns on a fire hydrant, one with a hose which is aimed at the two escapees.  The water blast takes their feet out from under them and they begin to roll toward an open construction hole in the badly maintained street.  Aris attempts to regain her feet, as David goes into the hole, and begins to phase.  Aris sees the phenomenon and is amazed.


What the...!?  Whoa!

She is then sucked into the whirlpool and down into the hole.  The scene phases.


Multiple Choice

Forward to:

Episode Two -- Subways and High Plains



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