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The Golden Spiral

The Golden Spiral is based on a mathematical sequence involving the Golden Mean, and which at the same time yields a unique result.  The uniqueness results from the fact that there is a far deeper purpose in the development of the numbers/spiral, one which provides a profound image of the movement through time, one essential to evolution.

The Golden Spiral is routinely manifested in nature in the spiraling bracts of a pinecone, the development of a nautilus (the sea creature as well as the exercise equipment), the path a fly follows as it approaches an object, or most anything!  In man’s attempt to replicate this beauty of nature, we see the Golden Spiral in the fact that the Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza (The Great Pyramids) all lie on a Golden Spiral.  Even the Yellow Brick Road (the symbol of transformation from the Land of Munchkins to the Land of Oz -- in the Wizard of Oz), begins as a Golden Spiral!  (And surely the Wizard of Emerald City knows best!) (5/15/05) More recently, crop circles have taken up the shape. Ka-gold combines the crop circle in its own golden spiral.

In a more esoteric vein, Ronald Holt, Director of the Flower of Life Research has included in <http://www.floweroflife.org/spiral01.htm>, his article, “To the Golden Spiral In All of Us” (April 21, 1999), in which he notes, “Although the Golden Mean Spiral is principally derived by utilizing mathematics, it is equally mystifying and intriguing to note that this mathematical spiral has additional properties that can be experienced by humans on a profound level that does not require an intellectual understanding of the mathematical principles. I would like to explore the phenomenon that ties the mathematical spiral to the experiential spiral. In practical terms, they are one and the same. It will take a bit of explanation to demonstrate the probably ridiculous notion that the golden mean spiral can be experienced most simply as a profound feeling of love.”

Holt goes on to claim that Sacred Geometry is a fluid study in evolutionary transitions of mind, emotions, spirit, and consciousness.  Instead of fixating or stagnating on a single form, Holt is advocating that it is the transcendence and change from one geometric form to another as specific speeds or frequencies that is of primary importance.  His process, as reflected in the website previously noted, is well worth the time.

Graphically, the Golden Spiral can be connected to the five-pointed star (shown below, and based on f = 0.618033987...) or any of several incarnations. For a real trip, link to <http://www.pithemovie.com/gold.html>, where a variety of images are used to really get your attention.  The danger at the latter site, is that you might inadvertently link to the Kabbalah portion of this website (aka Ha Qabala), which might then lead to <http://www.digital-brilliance.com/kab/link.htm>, where you might become overwhelmed with information.  As it noted at the outset of this latest link, “Once you have followed several of these links and appreciate the extent of the written material on Kabbalah, your eyes will begin to glaze over and you may find yourself slumped at your terminal in a catatonic stupor of information overload.”  No kidding.  But the old journey of a thousand miles begins with the first click of the mouse.

Meanwhile, as promised, here is the Golden Spiral and the five pointed star.  As a bonus, there is also the Golden Spiral and its relationship to all manner of natural wonders, as shown below, courtesy of Michael S. Scheider [1].  There is also an intriguing connection with the The Great Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza (shown on that webpage). 

After this, you can head for Philosophy or Geometry of Alphabets.  Or forge ahead to Connective Physics, Chronicles of Earth, Justice, Order, and Law... Whatever.  



 The four examples above are courtesy of Michael S. Schneider [1]



[1] Schneider, Michael S., A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe, Harper-Collins Publishers, 1994. [http://www.constructingtheuniverse.com]

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