Wherein Lies the Dream?

Fundamental to a self-derived paradigm,

Is the melding of two disparate,

But similarly inclined souls.

It is the stuff of romance novels,

The grist of soul mates sought and twin flames found,

The sudden quickenings of mutual heart beats,

Even the rampant coursing of one’s blood,

Bound for the body’s extremities.


Contrary to this charming scenario is an alternative:

A gentle growth of an ever deeper friendship.

Perhaps lacking in sheer drama (or trauma),

Seldom a topic of romance-inclined aficionados,

This friendship thingamagig is a different dream altogether.


It is decidedly a bit more heart-friendly,

Notably less trying on our other friends,

And almost never something to write home about.

Such a friendship bonding has interesting results:

Longevity even under sporadic conditions,

Significantly reduced or minimal maintenance,

A multiplicity of other non-exclusive, simultaneous relationships,

And the very real sense of having one’s cake and eating it too!


Someone very wise (i.e. me) once said:

“The only really viable Social Security is your friends;

Not necessarily your lovers.”



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