A World in Radical Change

A World in Radical Change is a nonfiction book on the status of the world.  It’s twenty chapters, and not a pretty picture.  But for the moment, it’s:

Under Construction


Chronicles of Earth         The Party’s Over

Forward to:

Indianapolis         Justice, Order, and Law


This webpage is slated to begin as a serialization in late 2003.  But don’t get too excited.  The contents can be ever so slightly depressing -- unless one is afflicted with an unaccountable optimism.  (Which you are supposed to have achieved from reading the majority of bits and pieces of this website.)

In the interim, it might be wise to heed Douglas Adams’ observation in So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, the fourth novel in the Hitchhiker’s Guide  to the Galaxy trilogy; where Adams wrote that  “God’s final message to his creation” was, “We apologize for the inconvenience.”



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