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The Library of ialexandriah 

Updated 1 April 2008

Halexandria is a Synthesis of new physics, sacred geometry, ancient and modern history, multiple universes & realities, consciousness, the Ha Qabala and ORME, extraterrestrials, corporate rule and politics, law, order and entropy, trial by jury, astronomy, monetary policy, scientific anomalies, religion and spirituality, and a whole host of other subjects ranging from astrology and astrophysics to superstrings and sonoluminesence to biblical and geologic histories to numerology, the Tarot, and creating your own reality. 

(BTW, for those with Internet Explorer, ialexandriah is written in the form that shows an attempt at bridging of the Age of Pisces (i, capital H) and the Age of Aquarius (h, small i ). Otherwise the fonts don't quite translate. Sigh.)

ialexandriah is, in essence, putting all of the pieces together.  It is based primarily on fact and documented evidence, with a liberal dose of rational, logical speculation, as well as several diversions into reality-based fictional treatments.  In all cases, ialexandriah makes the assumption -- an assumption which will be mathematically proven within these pages -- that all aspects of the universe are connected and that there are no limits to what we can possess or what we can become.  

This then is the Pharos, the lighthouse to attract the wandering net-surfer, to encourage the browser to view one after the other the scrolls (pardon the pun) of this modern, compacted, esoteric library akin in design or aim to that of Egypt’s ancient Alexandria and its famed Library, Mouseion and center of wisdom.  From hence, one can choose a variety of options in which to rush in where angels (and used car salesmen) dare not tread.

NEW -- NEW -- April Fool's Day, 2008 -- NEW -- NEW

One means of exploring this website, a website that is expected to yield both a significant amount of instant gratification and a notable degree of enlightment (our ego really knows no bounds), is via the recently added, Halexandria Foundation Forums -- the latter thanks in no small measure to the Herculean efforts of, among others, Sol and Dustin.

These Forums offer the very important means by which all of those brilliant and discerning Readers of the Lost Art -- i.e., anyone reading this page, for example -- can express their own views to the general readership of Halexandria, receive replies, carry on conversations, debate issues, and perhaps in the process, develop life long friendships. Who knows? There may even be wedding bells in the future for some of our lucky? readers. (Not that this is the only reason for checking out the Forums, but it will do... it will do.)

Meanwhile, for those already married, betrothed, stuck, or for any other reason unlikely to be seeking new romantic liaisons, there are also the more traditional means of sampling the many, many wares of Halexandria. For example...

ialexandriah is in all respects a journey, specifically The Fool’s Journey, one which begins from diverse locations but always leading to a comprehension of the magnificent whole.  Depending upon your preferences, you may initiate your journey, your destined path, from any point of the above modified Tree of Life (or Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil).  Your only prerequisite will be the possession of an open mind and a sense of humor -- possibly even a warped sense of humor.  Or warped mind.  Whichever.  

Inasmuch as ialexandriah is, above all, about choices, it is not necessary to read the Synthesis (aka the Executive Summary) first, and thereafter select one of the other Nine pathways briefly described above -- or to decipher the Website Road Map (which has the notable advantage that it does not require refolding) -- or to plunge into any of the almost 850 webpages of this website relatively unaware. 

One can, for example, simply grab one of the links below and connect directly to the subject of your choice.  And then wander purposefully or aimlessly through the Labyrinth on to new and stranger locations.

Adam’s Family, Age of Pisces, Ages in Chaos, Alchemy, Alice in Barium-Titanate Land, Anarchy, Annals of Earth, Anunnaki, Astrology, Bell’s Theorem, David Bohm, Calvin and Hobbes, Cartels, Chaos Theory, Common Law, Consciousness, Corporate Rule, Corporate Politics, Corporate State, Creating Reality, Crop Circles, Dawn the Chosen, Days of the Week, Deluge, Epic of Creation, ESP, EPR Experiment, Executive Orders, Extraterrestrial Life, Fibonacci Numbers, The Fool’s Journey, Laurence Gardner, Genesis, Gods and Goddesses, Gold Peace, The Golden Rule, Golden Mean, The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus, Ha Qabala, Harmony of the Spheres, Health and Responsibility, Heir Apparent, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Hemp, Holograms, Hyperdimensional Physics, Illusions, Mach’s Principle, Magic Squares, Mary Magdalen, Mind-Body, Money, Multiple Choice, Music, Nature of Law, Nines, Numerology, ORME, Paatah, Philanthropy, Philosophy, Pogo Possum, Precious Metals, Relativistic Variations on a Theme, Restorative Justice, Zecharia Sitchin, Secrets, Social InSecurity, Sonoluminescence, Star Fire, Sumerian, Superconductivity, Superstrings, Tarot, Transcendental Numbers, Tree of Life, Trial by Jury, Tunguska Explosion, UFOs, Immanuel Velikovsky, Victimless Crimes, White Powder of Gold, Wicca, Arthur Young, and/or Zero-Point Energy.  Also Zygo Mati, as in the Flight of the Zygo Mati.

Or as of October 1, 2003, such classics as: Benjamin Franklin, Buy One, Get One Free, CEOs, Conflict, Don't Push the Baby, Douglas Adams, Dyslexia, Five Paths, Homeland Insecurity, Magnetic Pole Shift, Night Falls on the Gods, Oil Wars, Bush Wars, War Wars, ORMUS, Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows, Subtle Energies, The (9) Supremes, The Tower of Babel, The War on Terrorism is Bogus, Wisdom, and by popular request, Cats, Dogs, and other DeitiesDid we mention Fear of Flying, or better yet, Sacred Orgasm?

As of December 15, 2003 -- there was a full length screenplay, Multiple Choice, a full length stage play, Perceptions, and a book sized Annals of Earth. This was followed in February 2004 with a gaggle (about a dozen) new pages (which are as always conveniently listed in the updates page).

And then, as Halexandria approached its first full year -- its anniversay is April 21st -- still more goodies had been added, including, The Flight of the Zygo Mati, Art of Writing, Autism, Dyslexia, Lost Gospels, Non-Locality, The Passion, Maxwell's Equations, Pauli Exclusion Principle, No Child Left Behind, and a whole host of other new pages, cleverly inserted among a plethora of updates.

We could go on and on inasmuch as of April 1, 2008, there had been yet many, many more pages added. Which is why there is an Updates page to keep you abreast. The Updates of course reflect updated information as well as whole new pages -- whatever the spirit moves the author to write about. (And it takes precious little to motivate a prolific writer.)

As of this writing (on or about April 1, 2008), Halexandria is celebrating its fifth anniversary -- we celebrate all month! Yea. Lots more on the update page. Even the site map is updated!

Yet another alternative is to follow the path generated by any one or all of the following statements:                 

1.  Philosophy -- Phi-lo-Sophia -- can best be defined as "the study, wisdom, or knowledge of the amazing sight of phi" (the latter being the Greek letter denoting the Golden Mean).

2.  Extraterrestrials (aka Angels?) created man in their own image.  Adam and Eve were, in fact, Lunatics -- among other things.

3.  The phrase, Sun Stand Thou Still (Joshua 12:13), is an accurate account of reality.

4.  The creator of the universe is clearly partial to Sacred Geometry and Sacred Mathematics.

5.  Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by nuclear fission devices.

6.  It doesn’t rain in Indianapolis in the summertime.

7.  Mythologies and Legends are essentially abbreviated histories (or herstories).

8.  There is fundamentally a Geometry of Alphabets.

9.  Nines are the most amazing of all integer numbers.


One final alternative (unless you can think of another one) is to throw caution to the winds (but in a direction where it doesn’t come back in your face), and just click on anything that both moves you and vaguely appeals to you.  Think of it as dropping a book on the floor and then begin reading on the page that falls open.  In other words, let the Fickle Finger of Fate do the walking!

(6/1/05) In all of these travels and wanderings, the visitor to Halexandria should be aware of the inclusive nature of the Library's offerings. That is to say, various webpages within Halexandria are quite likely to link to independent sites which are outside the Library. This is because others have often said something even better than might be found within, or else they have touched upon unique ideas and viewpoints which might provide better or more fascinating paths to... where ever it is one is attempting to go. For example, Halexandria has found Flemming Funch's (Ming the Mechanic's) Ming TV and some excellent articles at ka-gold-jewelry to be well worth perusing on their own merits.

In any case, whether sojourning within or without... lots of luck!  You will, undoubtedly, need it.

Just keep in mind Socrates' belief that the unexamined life is not worth living. It's not worth surfing either.

BTW, this strange and twisted tale of intrigue and adventure commonly known as ialexandriah is primarily the work of an alleged master of the inexplicable, Dan Sewell Ward (aka Daniel Sewell DocP’tah Ward), who would partially agree with Mark Twain when he observed:

 “The ancients have stolen all our really good, new ideas.”

Throughout it all, it might be wise to heed a wise sage, Jeff Gordon, <http://www.wellnow.com>, who is fond of saying:

"There's nothing left in the world to prove.  All that's worth doing  is to love one another, using whatever means are available to serve.

Laurence Gardner also notes:

"Be wary of those who know the truth. Align yourself with those who are questing for the truth."


"In searching the ancient knowledge, we never know if the author was a congenital liar and/or a moron. What we are taught today is clearly written by congenital liars and morons."

Meanwhile, congratulations on being one of the unique visitors to this home page.  Having been launched on 4/21/2003, the first thirteen months saw something on the order of 12 million hits, with over a million each month beginning in December 2003 and continuing thereafter. As of April 1, 2008, there were nearly 115 million hits (at a rate of roughly three millions hits per month in the most recent months).

It should be noted that there are problems associated with imbedded hit counters, which result in only a portion of the "hit's being counted. To avoid these problems, the results of the Webalizer Version 2.01 Site Statistics are included as a separate webpage.

Amazing, if not inexplicable. For mystrious, esoteric reasons, the official date of this website's launching is given in the journals of modern antiquity as April 1, 2003 (April Fool's Day). 

Comments on this website may be addressed to:       

1)  The Webmaster at <idon’treallycareaboutyouropinion@farout.org>,

2)  The predominant author at <dansward@frii.com>,

3)  By snail mail to ialexandria Foundation, 4520 Walden Court, Loveland, Colorado, USA, or

4)  If they’re not nice comments, they can be simply deposited in ye old round file and/or deleted from your hard drive along with all of your other valuable and irreplaceable documents, your ticket(s) out of here, and all of the sentimental photos and memorabilia currently in your possession.  And if you just have to get it out of your system, send your nastier comments directly to:  <resistanceisfutileyouwillbeassimilated@borg.org>.

2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Copyright Dan Sewell Ward, All Rights Reserved

Products and Services -- None.

(You know, of course, that the authorities had Socrates take poison because of the alleged crime of Socrates taking money from his students!)

 And finally...

 Ye Shall Know the Truth,

And the Truth Shall Set Ye Free;

But when Ye First Learn the Truth, Ye will likely be Really Ticked Off!

Get Ye over it.

And then, laugh about it!

As the sign over the doorway to Hell reads:

“Lighten Up”  


Copyright Notice


Most of the works in this website are copyrighted.  Permission is granted to copy small portions (“fair use”) for educational and research purposes, provided that: 1) full credit is given, along with a link or reference to both this website and the author/title of the work, 2) nothing is taken out of context or intentionally misconstrued, and 3) nothing is used for subsequent commercial purposes, without specific, prior written contractual arrangements being first concluded with the author. Otherwise...

2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Copyright Dan Sewell Ward, All Rights Reserved




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